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In this review we will be going over a great new sound pack from SampleTraxx called Stigma a great sounding collection of vocal textures and chants, awesome soundscapes and atmospheres and otherworldly sci-fi drones.

Stigma is 2.6Gb in size and is comprised of 154 sounds in Wav 96/24 format and 152 Kontakt instruments and costs only 32 euros.

  • 80 vocal textures (male/female/choir/abstract-mutant)
  • 33 atmospheres
  • 28 drones
  • 13 soundscapes
  • 152 Kontakt Instruments (full version of NI Kontakt 5.5.0 required)


Vocal packs are in my experience quite a hit and miss mostly as most vocals never seem to fit anything you’re working on at that time where you either have to do allot of work just to get it to sound right in your project or the things the vocalists are singing give you a feeling of come on why would you even sing that it makes no sense at all.

With stigma I didn’t have that feeling at all this pack just works, just going over the samples alone in this pack made me think oh hey I could use this vox like this and chop it up here and use this part and I’ll put this atmosphere behind it etc etc, basically, creativity just flowed and for me that’s what you want when you get a sample pack.

The sound quality of this pack is top notch and the sounds themselves work great together making it easy to create full lush soundscapes within minutes. With the vocals being textures and chants they lend themselves well to chopping and give you the means to create some awesome chopped vocal effects.

The Drones Soundscapes and Atmospheres in this pack are nicely done as well they work well with the vocals in the pack but are great to use on their own in a track great for setting the tone of a track in the intro or making an otherwise boring break sound full and interesting. Some of them sound really eerie and would work great in creating an evil scary mood something I like very much.

So, in Stigma, the samples sound great but that isn’t all in the pack. You’ll also get a 152 Kontakt instruments as well which is awesome as this gives you more control over all of the sounds in this pack with volume, pan, hp/lp filter-resonance and ADSR controls in each instrument. This gives you the ability to layer and design the sounds as you like with all the extras that Kontakt can give you.

Soundscape Kontakt Sounds


Stigma by Sampletraxx is an awesome pack filled with great vocal textures, surreal soundscapes and atmospheres, eerie drones and a bunch of great instruments for Kontakt and it only costs 32 euros (regular price) which is a neat bargain for 2.6 gigs of great sounds. Stigma is definitely a hit in my opinion.

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