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Review: SLAM PRO Plugin by Beatskillz

SLAM PRO Plugin Review

Slam Pro from Beatskillz is an advanced rack able to make the sound fatter (or thinner), in many ways.

Slam Pro is a Mix Phattener Processor with control over the Bass Section, Presence and Air, Compression, Saturation, Stereo Width, and Loudness of your track.

The interface is beautiful, in black with analog rack feeling, very nice to use on a stereo track or on the main mix. The good side of not having a chain order to play with is the hardware feeling as a rack with immediate controls.

SLAM PRO Beatskillz

There are 8 different parts for the knobs and faders :

  • BASS SECTION: 3 knobs for controlling the Sub Bass, Thump & Low Boom of the channel
    • or mix : SUB, THUMP, BOOM
  • HEAT SECTION: 1, 2 or 3 type Saturation
  • AIRZ SECTION: 3 types of AIRZ or High Frequency & presence control.
  • POP: 4 types of POP Compression suitable to the entire mix and drums, instruments, synths & sampler sounds.
  • CRUSH: Limiter and Loudness maximizer.

The nice thing is that it’s useful on the main mix as on separate tracks in the mix. Everything is fine but a little middle CPU eating, and you’re tempted to tweak every big knob under your mouse.

SLAM PRO plugin is interesting because instead of using an EQ, you are using ‘magic’ algorithms that tweak the tracks in your VST host, in the mood of plugins like Turnado by Sugar Bytes, where you control 4 main surfaces XY.

A quick PDF file is provided as documentation, where you have a full description of these processing effects.

The main question I have is: Would it be possible to manage this as a chain of 8 parts, meaning: Are they calculated one by one and possibly rearranged in any order on the audio processing loop?

I had the plugin running well on a slow dual-core PC with Windows 7 and Windows 10. But if you want to run several plugins in real-time I recommend you to have a faster processor.

Below you can listen to some of my demos where I added SLAM Pro:


Bass and top lift

Super wide and clear


If you want something else than a classic EQ + Compressor, this is the right tool, it’s giving an analogic rack feeling with well-minded knobs. It’s very friendly to mix with Slam Pro, you are curious to know how each knob reacts on the sound. And there are good presets too in the factory list to play with.

You have 15 days of full testing before the need of activation by a serial number. That’s the same as the other plugins Beatskillz has done, so there is time to make yourself an idea before buying the plugin.

Get SLAM Pro today from Plugin Boutique – Slam Dawg comes FREE with Slam Pro during the introductory sale!

More Details / Download: SLAM Pro



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