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Reformer Pro Review

“The NEW Reformer Pro & Total Bundle 1” by Krotos Audio & Boom Libraries, Coll Anderson, and SoundBits What’s up, everyone! Today I want to show a total gem for all of the Sound Design freaks out there.

If you read some of my reviews before, you know I’m really into that kinda thing, and as we recently reviewed “Reformer Pro” and “Weaponiser” here on, I now have another special surprise.

As you might have seen in the “Reformer Pro review”, Reformer has several different libraries available on the KrotosAudio website, not just from them, but also from familiar names like Boom, SoundBits, Coll Anderson, and more.

And while you can also make your own libraries if you are so inclined, or just use the great libraries included with Reformer or Reformer Pro, what really brings this already amazing tool to the next level, is the “Total Bundle 1”.

Refromer Pro Bundle Libraries

The “Total Bundle 1” is a sound library bundle of 18 library packs and makes for a very solid start of an SFX collection.

For those of you who don’t know yet, Reformer Pro is a Plugin that lets you load up to 4 different sound libraries at a time, arranged around an X/Y pad that allows you to blend the sounds.

The key is though, that input is not controlled by a keyboard or controller. Instead, you control the plugin with your voice! That’s right, your voice…. Or I guess any audio Input you want.

This makes the effect insanely performative, but also really help with timing of repeating sounds, like handwriting, or typewriters etc.

Reformer Pro Main

Reformer Pro just recently got a major update. And while all original features were maintained, lots of amazing new ones were added.

As we know from before Krotos Audio pays a lot of attention to their community. So while the main feature is still controlled through audio input, we can now also control Reformer Pro though midi or directly through the interface, creating an even more flexible workflow.

It also means we can automate parameters now, and have full control of changes over time.

Reformer Pro Dynamic

Creating libraries of your own sounds have gotten easier too, as well as managing sounds.

We can now just open libraries and select or block which sounds will be triggered, and also save these settings separately, which is providing as much precision or randomness as is need, every time.

We also gain “Voice Controls” and “Transient Controls”, and this already amazing tool has just gotten even better.

Reformer Pro Libraries

If you’d rather see it live in action, just pop over here to the walk-through video on the Krotos Audio website. I’ll wait here for you.

Oh! and also, you can download Reformer for free here. So at the very least give it a try. It is insanely fun!…really you have to!

Back to the “Total Bundle 1”. Something to consider apart from the huge variety this adds to Reformer, it is also quite a flexible resource on its own. Because you don’t only get the libraries, you also get all the source files, to use in other creative ways if you like.

So we’re talking about 5256 files, a total of 43,4 GB, at 96 kHz WAV. format, pre-named, labeled, and sorted. That is a lot of work, and a lot of time it saves. And let me just tell you, we are talking about extremely high-quality recordings here, cleaned up and good to go.

Reformer Pro Analyse

Now I will, of course, agree with you, that it’s not cheap, but it is a total barging for what it is, and if you are into this stuff, like me, you have probably thrown away more at SFX-library developers. This surely isn’t something you don’t think about, but the more you think about it, it becomes clear, that THIS, is one of the best SFX deals out there.

Especially regarding how much time it saves and how fun it is to use Reformer Pro, and how much Flexibility this will give you over time, as you develop your own libraries. Even musically this is a super fun tool. I’ve created a few patches, that mix sfx in while someone is singing, and it’s super fun and easy to edit after, as long as you split the signals.

So I say, it’s well worth the money, and knowing it’s from Krotos you can count on impeccable support and fixes should you ever need them. It helps to know, that Reformer Pro also comes in a subscription, so it’s easy on the wallet, and you can go make your own libraries and sell them through Krotos if you want.

In just the short time, I’ve had this tool, so many new libraries came in, I can’t count them anymore. So a clear shift is visible, and I think it’s time to get on board with this.

Final Thoughts

For anyone who deals with foley and SFX on a regular basis, this bundle is amazing. If are starting to break into that area, whether, in Film or games, this would be a great starting point. If you are more on the music side of things this could still be really awesome, but it depends a little on your approach.

If you’re like me this is gold, but you have to check that for yourself. Definitely go and try it though, it’s free after all, so what can you lose. Thanks for your time, and checking this cool bundle out with me, and a BIG thanks to KrotosAudio, Boom, Coll Anderson, and SoundBits for making this new jewel in my arsenal.

Facts for The Total Bundle:

  • Price: €1,486.31 inc. VAT (€1,249.00 ex. VAT)
  • Number of Files: 5256 files
  • Size Unpacked: 43.4 GB
  • Sample Rate: 96kHz
  • Other Info: Meta-Tagged, Meta-data embedded. This is a digital download.
  • License type: Royalty-Free / Single User
  • File format: WAV/.zip
  • Includes: Access to all of the original .wav files

Find More Details: Reformer Pro Total Bundle 1

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