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Review: Reformer PRO Sound Design Plugin by Krotos

Krotos Reformer PRO Sound Design Plugin

Krotos offers other really interesting tools which enter into a completely new sphere of sound design.

I’m pleased to introduce you Reformer PRO, a very interesting sound design audio plug-in that can be used to create new sounds in a very new and creative way.

This particular plugin is a sampler and thematically defined a sound design tool.

Meaning Reformer allows you to take a sample and run it through a themed based library of effects to create sound Fxs like for example the roar of a black panther or the sound a squishing fruit.

Reformer PRO is not just a plugin it’s also a platform. Krotos Reformer PRO offers scores of special libraries and the opportunity to create your own library and sell it on their platform. Really cool.

The GUI offers just a few parameters relying mostly on an XY pad for modulation.

Reformer Pro Sound Design Plugin

The pad can morph you between 4 different sound libraries or help you fine tune your sound.

In this sense, you can modulate recording or set it up to a midi controller as a live instrument.

Mostly though I see this instrument appealing to cinematic producers but also film producers as well.

One can really peps sounds up, like adding a leathery sound to a person in a leather jackets movement. Or adding moisture sounds to someone to a car driving by.

For ambiance producers, there are also lots of potentials. Just imagine what you could do with.

I ´m very impressed but the analytic tools provided.

You can load samples into Reformer which then analyze them to be used as your own library for affecting your sounds. I still can´t get my head around it but it´s a pretty amazing thing.

On the Reformer Platform, you can find many interesting libraries from Krotos and other providers. They range from around $15- $60.

As mentioned you can even create your own libraries which are also interesting for producers into field recording.

I tried working some guitars with the libraries included and was unable to do much. The black panther always sounds like a black panther no matter what I did.

So joining different ideas together searching for happy accidents didn´t lead to anything straight away but I think with more time it could.

I´m sure there will also be a steady flow of new and interesting libraries to try out.


Krotos is moving into a mind-boggling territory of sound production. I’m sure this instrument is going to evolve into something very unique.

The Reformer plugin is free but Reformer Pro is available as a monthly or yearly subscription bundled with a variety of libraries.

If you’re a filmmaker, cinematic or ambiance producer don´t miss out on this!

For more details please check the official product page: Reformer PRO

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