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Review: Rawstyle Hard Dance Sample Pack by Mrotek

Rawstyle Hard Dance Sample Pack

He comes from the USA, he worked with such artists as Riiho, Prime Suspects, Deimos, MC Heretik, Arctus and Imperium, his productions have been on Dirty Workz Anarchy, Spoontech, and DJ’s United, and what’s the most interesting – he released with Industrial Strength Samples his Raw Hardstyle sample pack.

Now we talk about Mrotek. But today… not about him. His amazing and original style fascinated many people and part of his passion he gave us in his sample pack.


Usually, after buying sample pack, I listen to every part of it. I always look for something that can surprise and inspire me – and in this case, I wasn’t wrong either.

Mrotek – Rawstyle contains 1275 files and includes:

  • 7 Ni Battery 4 Kits
  • 15 Midi Files
  • 40 Ni Massive Presets
  • 29 Sylenth1 Presets
  • 35 Virus Presets
  • 5 NI Kontakt Drum Kits
  • 5 Ni Kontakt Pad kits
  • 8 Ni Kontakt Screech Kits
  • 8 Ni Kontakt Virus Kits
  • 12 Cubase Track Presets
  • 3 Track Preset Videos
  • 15 Perc Build-Ups
  • 10 Filtered Kick Loops
  • 25 Kick Rolls
  • 32 Kick Edits
  • 5 Gated kicks
  • 5 Barking Kicks
  • 5 Claps
  • 4 Pads Audio
  • 8 Virus Fx Audio
  • 8 Synth Leads Audio
  • 8 Screeches Audio
  • 10 Cymbals
  • 10 Snares
  • 109 Fx (Including Kick Fx)
  • 17 Kick Drums
  • 48 Screech Sounds (Wet n Dry)

We can say that it’s a really sizable kit of good quality sounds. Let’s compare it to Frontliner’s pack, which costs 49.99$ and is less expanded (includes 932 files) than pack from USA artist.

As we can read on „This pack has sonic influences from such artist as Delete, E-Force, B-Front, Sub Sonik and Unresolved”.

Strength part of the pack is that we can find inside 3 videos, wherein is shown the setup, the process of making kicks and synths.

Mrotek – Rawstyle includes also 12 projects, which we can open in Cubase.

Every project includes such information as Delays, Reverb and Kickdrum effects. It’s really interesting and also a quite rare addition. To be honest, it’s one of the best sample pack which I have worked with!

It doesn’t matter if you are professional or you scarcely begin with Raw Hardstyle production. Mrotek – Rawstyle pack is dedicated to every artist who is specialized in this genre.

Everyone can find something for themselves and beginners can learn something after watching video tutorials or Cubase projects.


In my opinion, Mrotek – Rawstyle should be an essential pack of every Rawstyle artist library. This pack reminded me why I enjoyed this genre and why I love it!

Mrotek – Rawstyle is available at different prices – according to what are we looking for. The main ZIP costs (on 29.21€.

The strong point is that we don’t have to buy all pack and pay for something we don’t need – we can buy every part of the pack individually (Sylenth1 Presets, Virus Synths Presets, Audio, NI Massive Presets and Cubase Track Presets with Videos).

It doesn’t matter what and how much we pay for it – the most important fact is that we will be satisfied with this purchase. And I think that’s the way how we can sum up the entire package.

Below you can listent to a demo made by me using these samples:

Find out more about this great pack, also listen to more official demos by visiting its official page – link below!

Get it here: Industrial Strength Samples

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