RAPID Software Synthesizer

Parawave-Audio has released RAPID Synth for Windows (32/64 VST2 plugin).

They provide a very nice demo trial taking around 300 MB, and the full product has a big library taking 2 GB disk space! There are up to 8 layers real-time with an advanced synthesis inside.

After installing and finding the plugin in FL Studio, I have hundreds of presets available to get the first impressions:

Rapid Synth Plugin

I got a big surprise with the technical specifications of the RAPID synth, powered by a giant library and an advanced synthesis with a lot of effects available, all on this up to 8 layers ! That’s a lot !

About the Oscillator, available on 1 to 8 layers for an ultimate mix at the stereo output, we have there:

  • Morphable Wavetables
  • Multi-Samples with velocity layer and/or Round Robin
  • up to 8x unison voices
  • Bass and Treble control per waveform
  • Phase Modulation, Phase Bend, Chaos Phase
  • Ring Modulation, Pulsewidth Modulator, Hard Syncronisation
  • Tube Distortion, Noise Generator with smooth Brown/White/Pink fading

Setting Modulators with the right mouse click on knobs! I choose a random on EQ and Resonance on the Eq part of the layer used for effects (inside layer or send to fx in another layer). You can see sub-menus opening to create a new Modulator. Then it’s simple as setting the amount value of the modulation on the chosen knob.

Rapid Software Synthesizer

Filter & Insert:

  • 6, 12, 24 dB Lowpass and Highpass
  • 12, 24 dB Bandpass and Peak
  • 24 dB Multi-Bandpass and Multi-Peak
  • 12 dB Notch and Multi-Notch
  • Acid, Analog, Legacy, and Vintage Lowpass
  • Feedback-Comb and Time-Lag
  • Bitcrusher and Exciter
  • Tube Distortion, Overdrive, and Tone-Fuzz

The RAPID Synth has powerful Modulators to modify Oscillators :

  • four ADSR envelopes with adjustable slopes
  • four LFOs with dual waveform and phase bending for complex shapes
  • four sequences with up to 32 steps, with loop and one-shot mode

The Arpeggiator is really powerful, with great features owned by major synths on the market.  It features 32 step pattern mode with up, down, random, queue and chord mod. Also, you can import/export external MIDI files.

Effects: This is a big multi-effects part with routing that we can use inside this plugin :

  • Reverb with Room, Hall or Area mode
  • Delay with smooth delay time modulation
  • Dual Delay with Cross-Feedback and Ping-Pong mode
  • Chamber for very short reverb acoustics
  • Smooth Tube Distortion with dynamic EQ Boost
  • Bitcrusher, Rate-Reduction with Jitter
  • two band waveshaper with adjustable crossover
  • Phaser, Flanger, Chorus with precise modulation depth control
  • Ensemble Chorus
  • three band Equalizer with low-pass, high-pass, low-shelf, high-shelf and bell filter
  • Talker Filter with Male, Female and Child vocal mode and internal crusher
  • Dynamic Compressor with Digital and Analog mode
  • syncable sidechain leveler with different shapes
  • 32-step stereo Trancegate with shuffle-rhythm mode
  • Send Router, to mix the output parallel to other layers

The Master features 8-Channel Mixer, three band Multiband Dynamic Compressor with different mode, output level Limiter with automatic makeup gain, Modifiers for Volume and Filter Envelope, to control all layers with only one knob.

Workflow is pretty intuitive with Drag & Drop Modulation. You can save each Modulator, Effect or Arpeggiator Pattern as separate Preset File and three easy accessible Macro Controllers.

Main Facts:

  • Factory Size : 2,0 GB
  • Delivery : Internet Download
  • Sound Presets : 650+
  • Wavetables : 250+
  • Multi-Samples : 190+
  • Modulator Presets : 210+
  • Effect Presets : 220+


Wow ! I was not waiting for a small production when I saw that the full library takes 2 GB ! I’m surprised by the amount of work, the quality of the effects, the Modulators.

This 8 layers new synth is beautiful and awesome. It’s a pleasure to try the GUI and discover the provided content. It’s the first big product by this company, so I guess there will be a lot of musicians following Parawave Audio products.

At this moment the plugin is available only as a VST plugin for Windows in x86 or x64 versions.

[author title=”Author” image=”https://www.producerspot.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/09/grabule.jpg”]Grabule is an electronic musician since the Amiga in 1988. Interested in audio apps, plugins, video games and tools. Using Windows, iOS for music apps. FL Studio, Reason, Renoise as main apps in Windows. Home site www.mp3-fr.com[/author]





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