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Review: PUNISH Dynamic Processor Plugin by Heavyocity

Heavyocity Punish Review

When Heavyocity comes out with something, it’s generally something cool and worth checking out. So today let’s have a look at their recently released PUNISH, which is purely an effect audio plug-in.

“Hold on a minute” you might think right now, cause Punish somehow seems like you’ve heard it before. Well, you have. A lot of the previous Heavyocity products contained the “punish knob”, and it was widely popular. About time then, if you ask me, that they brought this out.

I’ve been wishing for a few years now that there was a way I could use this combination of effects on other instruments or even mix buses, and finally, it’s here!

I’m sure those of you who are already familiar with the “Punish knob” from “Gravity“, “Damage” or other Heavyocity products know its magic, and why it is amazing. But for those that are new to it, let me explain what it is and what it does.

What is Punish?

Heavyocity Punisher VST Plugin

It is basically a digital emulation of some of the best analog effects in the Industry, cleverly wired together and equipped with a fantastically well-designed interface that makes working with them super easy and offers quick and dirty solutions as well as deep surgical manipulation with a minimum of effort for the user.

“Punish” consist of a compressor section, with three compressor models, a saturation module, also with three models, a transient shaper, and an equalizer.

All these are programmed so that each of them can be controlled via one big knob in the middle, the “Punish knob”. In a way, it is really something you have to see in action to understand how great a tool it is. I would suggest you go and start the download of the free trial so you can see it for yourself. I’ll wait here for you.

THE REAL MAGIC is however in the fact that you can assign individual areas of each parameter that will correspond with the whole spectrum of the “Punish knob”. The freedom of dynamic sound shaping you can create that way a just mind-blowing.

It is worth mentioning of course that you can save your own presets, and “Punish” also comes with 90 very useful and flexible pre-designed patches, that show you very quickly what it is capable of.


Calling the PUNISH plugin “new” might be a little bit of a stretch, but it doesn’t diminish how amazing it is. No matter if it is subtle warmth or heavy compression, you want this plugin in your mix.

Punish can do it all, while also providing something most new products can’t. The safety of knowing that what you get is something that has already existed within the Heavyocity product line for several years, constantly refined and polished, and loved by millions of users.

Something that really can’t be overstated for this plug-in is how it fits into almost any session no matter what you are working on. From now on I probably won’t have a single project file in which I don’t use Punish for something. If no where else at least on the master bus.

In my opinion, it’s a real no-brainer, just get it while it’s still warm. Its possible applications are endless, it’s a tried and true favorite of many audio professionals across the world, and the sound quality is as good as it get’s. I will grab a few extra copies for the Christmas tree of a few good friends and I know I’ll be winning with that :)

Hope you enjoyed my review…feel free to share it with your fellow producers. Discover more about Punish by clicking the link below…

More Details / Buy Link: PUNISH



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