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Review: Printz Board Plugin Package by VIProducer

VIProducer Printz Board Plugin

In this review we will be going over one of the other bundles from ViProducer populated with sounds that come from the Grammy award winning producer Printz Board who in his career has worked with a few artists that you might know like John Legend, The Black eyed peas and Ceelo Green just to name a few.

Because we have already gone over the main functions of the ViProducer platform in our previous Review of StoneBridge Plugin, we will mostly be going over the unique flavor and genre type that Printz Board has left us with in his iteration of this instrument.

Judging by Printz Board’s career history we could safely say that this bundle is catered more to the Hip-Hop, RnB or POP type of sound but because of the functionality of these instruments they can be suited to fit in any type of musical genre really.

VIProducer Review: Printz Board Plugin Package

The Beat Maker that Printz Board has left us with sounds great and the samples provided in the two full kits and all of the extra samples in the separate hits sections serve to give you a nice library of drum beats to keep you busy for quite some time especially when you start modifying them to your own taste.

The Drum Shaper is where I would spend most of my time to get the sound that I want seeing as you get 55 kick samples, 65 snare samples, 51 clap samples, 18 closed hat samples and 19 open hat samples you get quite a bit to play around with and that’s just in one of the kits seeing as there are ten kits in this Drum Shaper I would say the possibilities for personal sound design are quite immense.

The sounds that Printz board has programmed into the Vip Synth are really nice and sound like you could just throw them in a track and they would work out great just as they are with over 50 different presets in bass, keys and leads. Now these might sound great just as is but that would feel like cheating to some of us but not to worry because it is certainly not that hard to modify them as you like on this platform that ViProducer have created.

As with all of the ViProducer instrument bundles the instrument is not all you get there are also lessons made by Printz Board himself in where he explains how he came up with his song ideas to his track ‘’hey you’’ and gives some nice tips and tricks he uses in his productions.

In conclusion, the Printz Board bundle is a great bundle for producers looking for sounds in the more urban and pop type genres but because of the way these instruments are set up it wouldn’t really matter that much just because it gives you so many ways to make the sound your own and fit it into any genre you like.

No pros or cons as the platform from ViProducer is really good at letting the flavor of each of the producers that have made a bundle with ViProducer shine through making each bundle unique and also because I already did a pros and cons in the last ViProducer review so you should check that out too while you are here.

Expect to get 3 great virtual instruments packed in one plugin, featuring 88 presets, 249 samples, 10,000+ drum combinations.

VIProducer Printzboard Plugin Package is available in VST, Audio Unit, RTAS and AAX formats and requires the latest version of the free UVI Workstation or MOTU’s MachFive.

More Details: VIProducer Printzboard

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