Review: Predator 2 Synthesizer by Rob Papen

Review Rob Papen Predator 2

I am glad to review a fantastic new plugin for Mac and Windows released by the Rob Papen team. This one is called Predator 2, it’s the following product of the already beloved plugin Predator. I installed the VSTi 64 bits version of Predator 2 on Windows 7, using FL Studio as host.

In all the hours spent in front of Predator 2, I was really impressed by this new powerful synthesizer, modern, with a lot of innovations and new features included, ready for any today’s modern producer.

Rob Papen Predator 2 Fl Studio

The quality is just around the limit of the perfection, and not being joking I compared Rob Papen plugins to the smartest hypercars like Bugatti or Pagani cars (well these cars live in another world but maybe one day, someone of us will get one ?! 😉 The audio quality is just incredible, but the feeling the user will have in front of these plugins will be different even if the user is a pure musician or a mad scientist working in sound design.

It can be ok to select presets only and start making music, like for other big plugins on the market. If you go deep inside the GUI, you’ll see that features can drive you to make music just inside the plugin like the other plugin from Rob Papen, like the Blue II plugin.

The Interface

Predator 2 Software Synthesizer

The GUI (graphical user interface) may seem quite complicated at first sight, almost all controls are placed on one side. You could say there are too many controls at a first glance. That’s why Rob Papen intros the Easy Page feature, this greatly simplifies the user interface so that only the most important things can be controlled.

The back side of Predator 2, letting you access settings. The backside of Predator 2 is simply PRO. When you click on the name logo on the top right area of the plugin, it will show you the back side with settings such as bank select on/off.

Predator 2 Back End


Predator 2 features 3 powerful dual oscillators. The very high flexibility on oscillators is amazing. The drawing and morphing waveforms are now possible. Behind the “WaveSet play mode” you will find the Wavetable system, where you can design your own waveforms.

In addition, the Preset Variation function provides an intelligent random number generator for more or less subtle sound variations at the touch of a button. In addition, there is now a virtual touchpad to control two parameters simultaneously in one coordinate system, a fresh new EQ as well as distortion per voice, and many more cool new features that I let you discover yourself.

If it deserves to have this plugin? I say definitely Yes. Why? I’ll give you some of my personal reasons:

  • Incredible work on provided features and thousands of high-quality presets – almost 6,000!
  • The Quickbrowse feature to access any preset in any bank.
  • The Record and Play feature on the plugins for XY pads and other elements (tempo-synced!)
  • The tempo-sync features with great flexibility : time multiply and more.
  • The beauty of the (not so simple) GUI.
  • The nice quick access to menus with the left or right-click on elements and texts.

And these are just a few … believe me!


In the beginning, I want to congratulate Rob Papen and his team for having created this synth plugin, I think it will be a game-changer in the near future. Certainly, Predator 2 by Rob Papen it is one of the best synthesizers released this year. Expect you to hear a lot of producers using this plugin in the near future.

It is powerful, coming with tons of presets, is very flexible, and is quite intuitive for those who already have experience with this kind of software synthesizer. If you’re new to music production and sound design, do not get discouraged, after several minutes you will be able to tame this beast!

Predator 2 is available for Windows and MAC OS in 32 & 64 bits AU, VST, and AAX plugin formats.


$9,99 DEALS


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