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Review: Polyverse Music Comet VST Plugin

Review Polyverse Music COMET VST Effect Plugin

Polyverse Music makes plugins for creative musicians who view their DAW as an instrument. Making complex effects intuitively tangible and modulating them wildly is what all Polyverse plugins have in common. The Comet plugin is a reverb plugin with dense reverberation flags and particularly intuitive morphing options. He acts according to the motto “Bigger than life”!

You can really tweak every parameter without unpleasant crackling. The integrated MIDI mapping and CV control via the sidechain for all parameters duly underline this. Both are rather rare.

Each of the few parameters works well and the effect is clearly audible. Most of them should be known: Size, Decay, Detune, and Diffuse do what they should. High and low damping, as well as color, are used to balance high and low frequencies. There is also an internal saturation, the higher the input, the stronger the drive!

The combination of tempo-synchronized time parameters with just one controller is remarkable. You don’t have to switch awkwardly, as is usually the case, but you can use a controller to access all the options directly and program them in an uncomplicated way within an automation lane.

It gets really easy in connection with the Glide parameter, which makes value changes very sluggish if necessary. The Polyverse Comet GUI visualizes the tracking of the values ​​very well.

Polyverse Comet Reverb Plugin

The next highlight is the quick memory for up to five presets in the lower area, which can all be easily shifted in order. By the way, you don’t have to save changes to the presets at this point, because value changes remain even after switching between the presets. In addition, there are of course “real presets” within Polyverse Comet.

The highlight is the morphing parameter, with which you can browse through the variations with the help of a MIDI command or controller. In the GUI, you don’t drag the slider directly. But you don’t need that at all, you can click directly on the five presets, and you can also change presets with MIDI notes.

All in all, the processes are very well thought out and you really have to ask yourself why the DAW developers such as Image-Line, Apple, Steinberg, Reason Studios, or Ableton don’t come up with such clever ideas themselves.

Polyverse Comet is fun and adds variety to the plugin collection. A good-sounding, dense effect reverb with particularly great performance potential, which brings a lot of complexity even without automation drawing. The usual reverbs are not necessarily able to do this. Morphing and glide complete the wild gimmick. Everything remains extremely clear and clearly structured.

Polyverse Comet is an algorithmic reverb plugin for Windows and OSX for the 64-bit VST(3)/AU/AAX formats – a musically creative reverb, however, intended more for wild use than for modeling meticulously realistic spaces.



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