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Review: NOVO Kontakt Library by Heavyocity

Review: „NOVO“ Kontakt Library by Heavyocity

I might as well say it outright. We have ALL waited for this. The new NOVO “Modern Strings” Heavyocity Instrument. I have been wondering for months what their next step will be.

After “Punish”, some were suspecting another FX-unit, maybe Twist.

Given their focus on the percussive sound before, many were also suspecting them continuing in that direction. Instead, they created „NOVO“. The string instrument I have been dreaming of.

Heavyocity NOVO Kontakt Library


„NOVO“ sounds absolutely magnificent. Of course, only if you put it in the context of what it is. I wouldn’t compare it with classical string libraries, since „NOVO“ is not so much that, but rather a hybrid-string instrument if you will.

The sound of Heavyocity has always been very “powerful” and big, and by that, I don’t mean loud, since they’ve shown that they can do delicate and emotional too, but strings I never imagined in this way.

Yet they managed to really take the sound of strings and make it into something even bigger. A string-based instrument with incredible variety and a strong Focus on sound design capabilities.

You can very much hear the sound of Hollywood in the recordings, and while the articulations included are not as extensive as some other libraries, „NOVO“ covers the basics, and does so very, very well.

Heavyocity NOVO Review

The real magic, however, is the “String Designer” and the “Loop Designer”. These days, great string recordings are not the biggest deal anymore, but what is a big deal, is a loop or synth-based engine with so many incredibly well-crafted presets and snapshots, providing an INSTANT vibe, and making it simply impossible to take your hands off the keyboard, and if manage to, it is only to tweak the sound some more in one of the millions of possibilities this provides.

Heavyocity NOVO Strings Kontakt Library

„NOVO“ vs. Analog Strings?

NOVO vs Analog Strings

I am sure I wasn’t the only one who noticed that both Heavyocity and Output announced a big string library at almost the same time (see here Analog Strings Review). Until I had them both in my hands, I was not quite sure if they will be opposing products, but now after I took both of them for a spin I think that they actually go in completely different directions, and at times complement each other very well.

Until I had them both in my hands, I was not quite sure if they will be opposing products, but now after I took both of them for a spin I think that they actually go in completely different directions, and at times complement each other very well.

There is definitely no reason to choose one OR the other since they can’t really be compared beyond the fact that they are both string-based. I would rather recommend having both, assuming their character fits your productions. Given its incredible depth, I can hardly see a context where „NOVO“ is completely out of place though.

Heavyocity NOVO


„NOVO“’s Interface is recognizably done in the Heavyocity style. It is clean-looking, even while it’s overflowing with options and knobs. And magically manages to mostly explain itself. I do recommend spending some time on their video series though. Just because it is easy to assume it’s all there is, after discovering just one of the many features in „NOVO“.

Listing them all here would be too much, but it is clearly visible that in terms of interface, as well as everywhere else, Heavyocity took everything they gained in the past years and combined it all together in „NOVO“. I don’t mean to sound to positivistic or biased, it is just that user-friendly and satisfying to work with.

Heavyocity NOVO Library


I always try to make a point of telling you everything I think isn’t great with any review I write. In this case, however, I have nothing to tell you but, this is an outstanding product. Yes, it is not cheap, but it’s worth twice its money. It is, like the name says, the modern sound of strings.

It does not just sound amazing, is incredibly deep, provides a wonderful depth and possibility for sound design. It is simply like nothing else I know. And I can already not imagine anymore not working with this Kontakt library since it has another great selling point. It saves so much time and provides a ton of inspiration as well.

But let me mention one very important point. For classical orchestral sound „NOVO“ can cover the basics, but works best when matched with a traditional string library. For everything else, I can only recommend one course of action. Get „NOVO“, no matter what kind of music you make. It can only get better!


  • Price: $ 549 USD
  • 38 GB uncompressed (25 GB on Disk with NI lossless compression)
  • 21,254 Samples
  • 308 Snapshot Presets
  • 57 NKAs
  • 8 NKIs
    • 6 Traditional Sections (Violin, Viola, Cello, Bass, High Ensemble, Low Ensemble)
    • String Designer
    • Loop Designer
  • Intuitive Sample Browser
  • CYCLE page for advanced granular & rhythmic playback
  • MACRO knob for dynamic multi-parameter control
  • Stand-alone, VST, AU, AAX

If you want to find more details and get NOVO for you check the link below at PluginBoutique, our best partner and one of the biggest plugin stores online.

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