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Review: Morphestra 2 Kontakt Instrument by Sample Logic

Morphestra 2 Kontakt Instrument

5,000+ Instruments & Multis / 25+ GB Sample Content

After reviewing a couple of their products (Gamelan and CinemorphX), I’ve got to say, I’m pretty excited about Sample Logic’s introduction of a new version of the Morphestra Kontakt instrument, the Morphestra 2, which they claim to be “mastered for perfection”, so, after a couple of days of downloading the 25Gbs of samples, I can’t wait to start trying what this instrument can do. Lets check it out!


Well, if you are familiar with any other product from Sample Logic, or even if you have read my previous reviews, you won’t be surprised by the GUI: it works exactly as any other Sample Logic product. That is, four different layers with two different samples in each, which can be morphed in various ways, and the X/Y pad right in the middle that works exactly the same way as the Prophet VS joystick. So, needless to say, there are lots of possible morphings and combinations in here.

As the name suggests, we are talking mainly about orchestral instruments samples, but, in fact, you get a lot more.

Morphestra 2’s dynamic user interface provides dynamic controls for complete real-time customization. It may seem scary at first glance, but I assure you that each button has its place and role very well defined.

Morphestra 2 Kontakt Instrument
Morphestra 2 GUI

There are five main sound categories, each of them with sub-categories: Atmospheres, Instrumentals, Loops, Percussives and finally Waveforms.

Under Instrumentals, you may find most of your orchestra instruments like mallets and bells, strings, winds, keys, and even synths. Under percussive, there are lots of cinematic percussion elements and accents, and within the loops, category, you can find various pitched and unpitched percussion loops.

Each preset instantly makes you wanna score to picture, I mean, there are some really inspiring sounds in here, and the moment you press a note or play a chord, it actually inspires you.

Speaking of presets, categories are pretty much the usual in Sample Logic instruments, that is, One note combos, Atmospheres, Instrumentals, Loops, and Percussives.


Effects play a huge part of the sound in this instruments. There are six FX slots which include filters, EQ, compressor, distortions, amps, and cabinets, delay, chorus, phaser, flanger and reverb. Each of the Fx has its own edit page, in which you can set almost every parameter. There are also presets for FX chains which are very well thought. Also, there’s an extra X/Y pad for modulating FX.


It is worth mentioning that you can actually automate every morphing you might do, and also, there are some great modulation presets for the X/Y pads, and for more freedom, X/Y pads can be controlled by MIDI CC#. Also, Each voice has its own independent LFO, Velocity intensity and sequencer parameters for both pan and volume.

Step Animator

Speaking of sequencers, there’s a second page in this instrument called Step Animator, which is actually a complete step sequencer, capable of sequencing notes, velocities, lengths, arpeggiator types, transpose, durations, stutter rate and pan.

Also, you can add swing amount, change the play speed from normal to 2x or 1/2x. There are various play modes, which can be set to latch, freeze or random, forward or reverse playing, and the number of steps goes all the way up to 128 steps. So, imagine how cool all the possibilities you have in here.


I’ve got to say, Sample Logic is making me getting used to be amazed! Seriously, even if you don’t wanna explore the sound design capabilities of this instruments, it’s worthy. Presets are inspiring, especially if you score any kind of audiovisual stuff, let’s say, games, movies, shorts, even trailers! This is such a great tool for cinematic stuff.

If you are not into cinematic stuff, I believe this is worth just for those lush, rich, evolving pads! I’m serious, you should definitely get this into your arsenal because is a great tool, and because the sounds are so inspiring! Trust me!

Morphestra 2 work on both PC and MAC systems, is available as a stand-alone, VST, AU, RTAS, CoreAudio, ASIO or WASPI formats. Kontakt instrument requires Kontakt 5 Player (free) or Kontakt Retail.

More Details/Buy Link: MORPHESTRA 2

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