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Review: MixChecker Assistant Plugin by Audified

Review MixChecker by Audified

Music, I love it, you love it, we all love it and we play it everywhere in our homes on the computer or television in our cars with or without a booming sound system you even see people blasting it over the tiny speakers on their phones.

The amount of devices we all play our favorite music on have grown immensely over the last couple of years so much so that it is quite a hassle to check if your music works well across those devices. The people at Audified thought so too and they have created MixChecker a plugin that simulates those environments for us with the click of a button.

When you open up the Mix Checker plugin you are greeted with a simple and clear design with control over two main sections of the plugin Compensation and Simulation. Oh and also bypass button which well bypasses all processing of the plugin but that’s kind of self-explanatory so yea.

Audified MixChecker Plugin

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Compensation allows you to tell Mix Checker what type of speakers you are using 5 inch, 8 inch or headphones because not all monitors or headphones deliver a flat response and this compensates for that and can be switched off when needed.

The best part?

Simulation allows you to switch between twelve different acoustic models: Classic Studio Monitor, Classic Cube Monitor, On Ear Headphones, Smart Phone, Tablet, Laptop, Car audio, Television, Micro HiFi, Radio, Desktop speakers and earbuds.

These have all been modelled using impulse responses of these devices in Audified’s Laboratory settings giving you an accurate model that you can trust according to Audified.

But trust to me has to be earned so I decided to compare Mix Checker to a similar plugin that came with my audio interface one that has gained my trust over the years and has most of the settings that Mix Checker has and I must say I was pleasantly surprised as they do sound very much alike and that’s good.

I also got one of my favorite songs one I know inside out and started comparing what I heard from my devices to what Mix Checker let me hear and I found that Mix Checker does its job quite well across all of the devices I tested it with.

Fair enough…

Now off course there are always going to be some slight variances here and there and that is to be expected because well you can’t account for every little detail in everyone’s devices all over the world, and there is probably going to be some slight subjectivity going on in these acoustic types of things as there always are.

But given all that as a global what would my music sound like over this type of device it does its job quite well and cycling through the settings gives you a good overview of most of the devices out there.

In conclusion, I think that Audified have done quite a nice job with Mix Checker the models in it sound quite similar to the devices they indent to emulate and will help you to shave some time off of your mixing process however I do find it a bit on the expensive side.


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  • Easy to use
  • Saves allot of time no more need to bounce and burn and play it all over the place.
  • Covers most of the devices that most consumers will have.


[tie_list type=”minus”]
  • Could really use a mono button
  • Price it’s kind of expensive but it does save you allot of time so.
  • Some algorithms for online broadcasting methods like YouTube and such would be awesome.

MixChecker is available as a AAX 32bit/64bit, AU 32bit/64bit, VST2 32bit/64bit, VST3 32bit/64bit plugin and it’s priced at $149.

Download Link: MixChecker



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