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Review: Lost Archive Trip Hop Loops by Mode Audio

Mode Audio Review

Thanks to Mode Audio we grabbed their latest sound library, the Lost Archive. This is a huge library of over 150 music loops, drum samples, FX samples, synth samples, and MIDI files.

Using sample packs in the song-writing process is not a new thing and I have seen more and more audio companies flooding the sample pack market with run-of-the-mill sample packs. So it is getting more difficult to find one quality sample pack that will add to the creative process of songwriting. In the quest of getting a sample pack, Mode Audio’s Lost Archive grabbed my attention for its organic textures and meticulously sampled bass guitar and synth bass.


Lost Archive includes Ableton Live Projects and corresponding samples FXs, Guitar Tails, Synth Stab, Drum samples, Drum Rack and a variety of recorded samples called Lost Achieve Loops. If that’s not sufficient then it also comes with the MIDI files. The whole package is organized pretty well with a special request from the maker not to change the folder structure inside the pack.

All the loops are arranged according to the Live Project they belong with a clear indication of the tempo and scale. The guitar samples are processed to suit the Trip Hop genre as a focus but in my opinion, these loops can also be used in other genres of downtempo electronica. The synth bass is probably sourced from analog gear and the kicks are original with good bottom end impact. Synth tails have added creative reverbs that sums up to create an interesting ambiance.

I personally liked the Eat the Sun and Solar Plexus Live project and got really impressed with the overall authentic quality of the samples and I would highly recommend this sound pack to any producer who wants to add some quality atmospheric feel to their tracks.

What’s inside the Box?

  • 90 SFX & Drum Samples
  • 54 Synth Stab
  • 94 Trip Hop MIDI files
  • 154 Royalty Free Samples
  • 81 Synth Tail samples
  • 9 Drum Kits, SFX & Synth Stab paths


From atmospheric textures and submerged pads to some great guitar riffs and crunchy drums this sample pack can be very useful and a great inspirational source for any Trip Hop, Hip Hop, Ambient, Downtempo music producer. Besides the high quality of all sounds and samples, the Lost Archive sample pack is available in several formats (Wav Samples, REX2 Loops, Reason ReFill, Apple Loops, Ableton Live Pack, specially designed to be used with your favorite music software (DAW).

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