Review: Kosmos Infekted Collection for Kontakt by HG Sounds

Oftentimes when a musician or producer thinks of plugins, the mind wanders to the likes of Massive, FM8, Action Strings and other large brand name products in music. Don’t get me wrong, I like all of those plugins, but as producers we need to stay open minded to the indie or small company music products. Sometimes we could be surprised with the quality products these small guys can put out, without the aspect of charging an arm and a leg for said products. “Kosmos Infekted” is a good example of just that.

Native Instruments Kontakt Review

Infekted is divided into four basic categories: Bass, Leads, Synths, and Starburst. I cannot say I was all too impressed with the bass categories as none of them sounded like a nice bass to me. I’m used to a fat, thick bass that can blow speakers with their full sound. Out of the 150 different “basses” Infekted has to offer, I’d say about 4 of them could fit that description I just gave. However, if you are a producer of chiptune or vintage electro, those basses are practically made for you. With effects layered on like syrup on pancakes, these bass sounds could give the feel of an old Galaga arcade game. If you’re looking for a pure bass sound, look elsewhere. If you are looking for an odd sounding bass with a techno feel, Infekted Bass is for you.

The Leads did not disappoint. A handful seemed a bit recycled from similar sounding bass settings but when you have 150 different leads to choose from it is easily forgiven. Many of these leads were focused on a mid-range sound but there were at least 50 that were made for a high-end position.

Synths provide an assortment for abnormal synthesizer settings you probably have not tried before. The variation in the synths category could bring about life to a boring music project. However, too many of them could make your song painful to listen to. Use these synths in small amounts are they won’t fail to impress.

Starburst gives an assortment of instrument versus sound effect for nice ambient tones. I’d recommend using these for quiet parts of a song to keep the white noise out of your song while still keeping the interest of your listener.

The sequencer is undoubtedly by far the most sophisticated sequencer available for Kontakt. The Kosmos products are like buying a VST plugin that you get a soundset with, will provide serious sound design and sequencing tools. I know usually with Kontakt you buy a set of presets and it is primarily about the samples, however with Kosmos it’s more about the scripts, the sounds are a sound pack for the scripts in the way you buy Alchemy and then buy a sound expansion, the difference is that the scripts are bundled with the sounds. The scripts get updated constantly with new features etc.

Every category has 150 “instruments” you get a grand total of 600 to choose from. That is a load of options. If one were to combine that with the fact that all of these 600 sounds can be customizable to your delight, the reader might understand why it leaves me with good feelings.

If you would like to buy it, or read more about this plugin, you can go here: Kosmos Infekted Collection

I would give Infekted a solid 8.5 out of 10.

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