Review: Kosmos Classics – NI Kontakt Library by HG Sounds

NI Kontakt SequencerIn today’s time, it is difficult to find any music plugins that don’t burn a hole in your bank account. More times than not, the plugin you desire measures in the triple digit dollar range. Because of this, you can only imagine my surprise when I got the opportunity to try out the plugin “Kosmos Classics“. If you’re in a rush and you need a short version: I liked it. It is certainly not perfect but it is a quality plugin. When you add in how little the plugin cost it seems like any flaw it may contain can be overcome with your still-full wallet. For those of you who want to hear more, let’s dive right in.

Kosmos Classics is a collection of sound effects and instruments made by HG Sounds. My first impression of the program was a bit weak but as I delved into the software, I found more reasons to like the product. There are eight main categories within Classics (not including the Kosmos Full option), but I want to specifically talk about Full Frequency and Guitar Textures. In my opinion, these two categories by themselves make Classics a buyable product for serious producers. I had the idea to try to work with Full Frequency a bit, as it is a proverbial blank check of sound.

With some work, Full Frequency could make the purest low bass I’ve heard in some time. Guitar Textures is a category of pseudo-guitar sounds that even as a guitarist I find to be highly interesting and useful. Most of these are about half synth, half string and boy can they pack a punch. Everything for highs, lows and mids can be found in Guitar Textures.

Most of the plugin seems to be directed towards FX and categories like Alien Landscapes prove that point exactly. The categories that are not made for FX (such as Guitar Textures) hit homeruns every time. There are very little negatives Classics have to offer. The customization is basic but tight-handling as well as detailed, and most instruments take up less than 15 MB of RAM. Selection is huge, similar to Kosmos Infekted.

Here is a track I made using Kosmos Infekted and Kosmos Classics for everything except percussion.

[soundcloud url=”″ params=”color=ff5500&auto_play=false&hide_related=false&show_artwork=true” width=”100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]

If you would like to buy this product or read more about it, check out Kosmos Classics official product page.

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[author image=”” ]Jared Day is a producer/composer/musician who goes by the stage name “AppleJared”. He is the head music producer and composer for the independent video game company “SharkBird Studios”. Instruments: guitar, drums, piano. DAW: FL Studio 11[/author]

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