Review: Klip Kontakt Drum Machine by Sample Magic

Klip Kontakt Drum Machine

Klip is a new very interesting sample-based Kontakt virtual drum machine developed by those from Sample Magic.

Equipped with many different sequencers, this Kontakt instrument has been designed to create grooves. And that seems to work really well at first glance.

You can easily create grooves with the plug-in, which should also lay the foundation for a complete song in the end.

After install, Klip is quickly added in Kontakt Player 5.7. We have the choice to load the bank as single or multi from Kontakt main browser.

The needed RAM on the computer is 4 GB, so it is 8 GB RAM recommended if using other plugins and apps with Klip running inside Kontakt.

Sample Magic KLIP Kontakt Drum Machine

Starting Klip and then its beautiful GUI is displayed. Very nice designed with all controls at your fingerprints, Klips is intuitive and very fun to use.

The big sequencer section stands out. Klip is built on 16 pads giving 16 separate tracks where all parameters are kept in the factory and user bank Kontakt presets.

Klip Kontakt Drum Presets

From the presets you get a lot of different kits loaded from Klip bank and then from the Sequence menu you will get several pre-edited sequences.

Everything is editable from a whole preset or scene, to individual pads.

Only a restriction now is that you can’t load your own samples, only the factory samples, but the content is really good for Electronic genres in music with tons of high-quality ready samples.

There are over 4000 samples sample library included in the package contains sounds and loops suitable for making dance, techno, house, EDM and more.

Each pad can give impressive results, Klip is working like a complex groovebox with 5 parts switchable at right on the GUI: Seq / FX / Mix / Master / Sound.

To modify each pad, Klip has a big list of loops and samples from menus at the right of the interface.

For the BPM of loops, Klip can manage this with transpose and time stretch to the native key and tempo of the DAW. Major or Minor and Key are found at the left of the GUI (Global Key).

Factory and User scenes/presets: Browsing the Factory bank to load a whole scene in Klip by Sample Magic.

Just above the main window and the SEQ FX MIX MST SND menu, we find the audio/samples preset for the current pad, there Klip is having tons of loops, drums and instruments to set on any pad from this 5 sub-banks: Electronica, House, Techno, Vintage.

A fantastic part of Klip is the Lane presets unipolar or bipolar for Sequence and FX parts. These presets can be applied to the current pad, modifying the global Sequence or a FX parameter on a row (ie. resonance).

Klip Kontakt Drums

Kontakt Klip SFX

Learn MIDI CC# automation is ready with a right click on a large number of controllers, nearly everywhere on Klip interface – here on the fader for Hihats:

Klip Kontakt MIDI Learn

Different reverb models, different types of filters, and a lot of possibilities everywhere on the interface of Klip!

All these editing features make a powerful looper to add new tracks to a project, Klip is working as a 16 channels/pads generator and can deliver a very good result for many Electronic musics, it will let you create drum loops or synth loops very quickly or it can be used live in a whole project editing on 16 channels, each one represented by a pad and all its linked parameters.

The samples factory is giant to explore and then it will take time to listen to most of its content. The groovebox-like design and the main 5 parts SEQ FX MIX MST SND are offering a large horizon of features. (See Full features on product page or PDF manual).


Klip is a very good virtual drum machine with advanced features, tons of samples in Electronic genres, and a powerful presets system (Lane presets Seq and FX).

Mainly it can do great loops oriented for electronic projects, and it can be used like a synth/groovebox or as a great source for musicians adding samples to the song project from Kontakt player/full 5.7 or above.

Klip is perfect too for live editing on electronic loops with a lot of filters and additional parameters on distortion, shaper, compression, .etc.

5 Stars recommended for Klip available on Sample Magic website!

Price & Availability

Klip is available for the introductory price of €73.50 euros instead of €111.96. The plug-in requires the installation of the free Kontakt player or version 5.7.0 or higher and runs on Mac 10.10 or higher and Windows 7 or higher in 32 or 64 bit. A useful 43 pages PDF manual is provided with Klip, explaining presets and all the features.

More Details: KLIP

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