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Review: K-Devices Modulators Max for Live Devices

K-Devices Modulators Mac for Live Devices

Modulation, modulation, modulation everything in a DAW is all about modulation whether it’s drawing in automation lines or using an Lfo or envelope follower or something to move a parameter in a synth or in an EQ or whatever this is an absolute must in keeping your music from being a stale boring piece of dog doody, however, this can become quite tedious at times.

So K-devices came up with their new Max for Live pack Modulators a pack with four maxed out modulation devices ready to modulate anything and everything you can throw at them from native live FX and Synths to third party FX and synths (although I have not tested the kitchen sink yet) if it has parameters to modulate the K-devices Modulators pack will modulate it for you in some new and exciting ways.

So let’s get into it first up EXT3 this is a Powerful and pretty complex Step/Envelope Sequencer meaning that it can generate different envelopes per step of the sequence and can be set to modulate any parameter in live and third party plugins which is pretty sweet.

Modulators for Max for Live

The timing functions that can be found in EXT3 are what you would usually find in a step sequencer with the addition of a drunk walk which puts in a little randomness to your sequence. Setting up multiples of these modulating multiple parameters of a synth is lots of fun and can bring fun unexpected effects especially when you let them modulate each other as well.

REF is an envelope follower which lets you modulate any parameter I live and third party plugins making it a great tool for side chaining or creating an interesting synth line that follows the beat of your track. The envelopes in REF can be modulated positively and negatively effortlessly creating ducking or pumping effects.

Modulators for Max for Live

REF is a very precise envelope follower that can perform ducking and pumping effects in a heartbeat but also produce quite fun rhythmic effects with the Delay, Attack, Hold and Release settings.

TEDFX is an LFO that can modulate any parameter in live and third party plugins it has six waveforms to choose from Sine, Saw, Triangle, Pulse 50/50, Pulse 90/10 and Random and can wrap fold or Clip the waveform creating nice unique waveforms for you to modulate whatever parameter you like. It also has functionality to export a CV signal to some outboard modular toys if you have those which is neat.

Modulators for Max for Live

TIP is a pretty neat device in the Modulators pack it allows you to store settings in one of the 64 grey snapshot boxes and recall them by clicking on them which is great when you are sound designing to create variations of a synth patch and interchange them by the click of a button or even automate them with the snapshot selector.

Modulators for Max for Live

TIP can like with all the other Modulators pack devices modulate any parameter in live and any third party plugins which gives you allot to play with.

In conclusion the K-Devices Modulators pack is a really good pack to get as it gives you so many modulation options in Live’s devices and third party plugins as well, also each plugin is easy and fun to work with all in all a great pack to have in your arsenal.

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