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Review: HARMONICS Sample Pack by SampleTraxx

HARMONICS Sample Pack Review

The second sample pack from Sampletraxx I reviewed was “Harmonics: Liquid Metals” ( the first review was for the BRAAMS pack).

As I browsed through the sounds in this, I was constantly and pleasantly reminded of all the soundtracks of sci-fi games I have played through my years.

Caverns, crystalline worlds, and bowed metallic landscapes popped into my mind’s eye with these auditory queues.

This sample pack is geared towards the sound design and multimedia ambiance design, but also would be a fantastic tool for sound art and more Avant Garde pieces.

What I would have given to have this sample pack during my music college years as one of my lecturers seemed to mark more favorably towards well-crafted drones!

Add a small bit of sample manipulation to the mix, (reversing the samples, pitching them down an octave, reverse reverb, distortion, etc), and the chrome landscape of a distant world becomes a makeshift prison that you are bound and gagged in due to the sinister turn the samples take.

Due to the well-crafted nature of the samples and a bit of production know how this sample pack proves it’s mettle.

If we take a leaf from the sound design of Christopher Nolan’s “Inception” yet again and keep dropping the octaves, the horror and tension are extinguished by darkness. A darkness bore from the absence of light, deep below a vast ocean, terrestrial or otherwise.

The uses for “Harmonics” extends far past the creative concept set out by the creators, which, in my opinion, is a sign of the utmost quality. We as producers are going to bend, twist and forge samples beyond recognition to potentially suit our needs.

In total, you will get 86 designed textures and elements, 37 hits, 10 drones, 26 pass-by effects, 9 Tibetan bowl samples. In addition, 9 Kontakt instruments are also included for Kontakt users (Kontakt 5.5 full version is required).

If our tools do not meet the required standards, they become brittle, introducing artifacts or other unwanted impurities into the masterpiece we try to forge. Liquid metals lives up to its name: Potent yet malleable, fluid yet rock solid for the task at hand.

HARMONICS sample pack is available for 49 EUR. Find our more details by visiting the official page (link below).

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