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Review: Hardcore Kicks 2 VSTi Plugin by The CoreStylerz

Hardcore Kicks VSTi2 Plugin
Recently I have the opportunity to test the Hardcore Kicks VSTi 2 Plugin developed by The CoreStylerz. As the name says, this VST plugin is a Kick designer synthesizer that allows you to play around and create some heavy hardcore kicks, some of the hardcore kicks sounds I’ve heard until now from a VST plugin.

Hardcore Kicks synthesizer comes as a VSTi2 and also as a standalone version just for Windows users. Unfortunately, is not available in AU (Audio Unit) version for Mac users.

The graphic interface features 3 skins: Core (default), Lightingblue (my favorite), and MaxLive. The default skin, Core comes with some gray backgrounds with red texts, knobs, and controls, also combined with gray. The design does not look too bad, but I think the font wasn’t a very inspired choice. Often I struggled my eyes to understand what represent.

Hard enough to read the description of controls and to navigate insight into the graphic user interface. This problem with fonts is on all 3 skins, but I tend to believe that this choice of bright colors and big contrasts define the hardcore feeling of this plugin.

As the developer writes on the official product page, the Hardcore Kicks is built on VSTi2 technology and is a hybrid between a wavetable and a multi-featured synthesizer. the plugin also supports expandable wavetables, not just waves.

You can expand OSC’s waves using plugin extensions or using the “extended” version that allows you to save and reload custom waveshapes.

As preset library and sound included, Hardcore Kicks features 399 waveforms (50 The CoreStylerz original kicks + 349 Apex-Mind Kicks) and 79 internal wavetables. Also includes 64 presets in .fxp format.

On the left side, you will have access to 3 oscillators, each with controls for Octave, Tone, Semitone, and Amplification. Right next are the corresponding wave-shaper for each of the three oscillators. Under oscillators is the main navigation for “Preset Manager”, “Skins”, “System” and “About” information.

Hardcore Kicks also features 3 “Modifiers”: Split, Lo-Fi, and Filter and an Equalizer that will help you to shape the perfect hardcore kick sound. On the middle-right side is all the Enveloped controls, including Volume, Pitch and Filter for the main sound.

For just €29.90 you can get this Kick generator plugin and use it inside your hardcore productions. Is very intuitive and easy to use and generates some real nice kick distorted sounds.

Yet it would have been nice to have a more complex virtual drum machine with snares, claps, synths, percs, and more “hardcore” sounds.

If you will choose to get the Hardcore Kicks plugin you must know that along with the license you will get: lifetime support, lifetime free updates and you can use one license on a maximum of two computers.

Check the links below to visit the official product page at TheCoreStylerz.net where you can read more details, specifications, installation support, and more customer reviews.

More Details: Hardcore Kicks VSTi2

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