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Review: “Ether Fields” FALCON Expansion by UVI

Ether Fields UVI ExpansionUVI has released an expansion pack for their flagship synthesizer Falcon called Ether Fields by Simon Stockhausen.

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This Expansion pack has 100 beautifully made presets utilizing every type of synthesis that FALCON has to offer with unique macro controls fitted to work best with each preset.

The Preset interface for Ether fields looks similar across all presets with a nice graphic and custom macros to suit each preset the layout of each preset is easy to navigate making it easy to see what makes each sound work the way it does and then if you so feel like it modify it any way you see fit and add those macros to the Info screen making the sound your very own.

Ether Fields UVI Expansion

Ether Fields PresetsThe sounds in “Ether Fields” as the name suggests are very etheric and pad like just for a moment think about the sounds you hear in Temples, Yoga, Buddhism, and New-age spirituality videos mix in some Sci-fi, Electro-Ambient & IDM and you can almost imagine the types of sounds these presets make just better because you are at the controls.

All imagination aside though the presets in this expansion pack do sound absolutely wonderful with my personal favorite being the Granular section and the synths section the sounds in there are absolutely stunning especially in some of the lower areas of the keys.

The sounds in Ether Fields are really well made they sound great all along the keyboard because the creator of the pack took the time to specify the amount of keys you can actually use in some presets, other presets have coloured keyboard splits in them where the sound is changed across the splits, all presets have custom macros now this is all stuff we would expect from an expansion pack for a flagship synth but it is this attention to small details that make or break an expansion pack.

Attention to detail is not just focused on the playability though but also on the sound design this is especially noticeable when you start to dig deeper into how the presets are put together with some really neat sound design ideas that I probably wouldn’t have come up with any time soon. So in that aspect it’s also a nice way to learn some new tricks!

In Conclusion

So, Ether Fields FALCON expansion looks good, sounds good and is well put together is it worth it to buy it well at 39 euros, YES definitely if you want Etheric sounds, Lush pads, Crisp Bells and outlandish soundscapes then yes you should definitely get this pack straight away.

I have rarely come across a pack where I liked so many of the sounds that were made and this is an expansion pack I really enjoy using as the sounds are so well made.


  • Great sound.
  • Interesting sound design ideas.
  • Easy to use but can be as complex as you like once you start fiddling with it because it’s Falcon after all.


  • None whatsoever.
Note that you need to own Falcon version 1.2.0 or higher. Falcon is available for both Windows and MAC in Audio Units, AAX, VST, Stand-alone format. If you do not own this software, you can buy it from here: FALCON

What do you think about Falcon and its Expansion? Do you use this program? Feel free to leave your comment below.