Alloy 2 Plugin Review, Overview

iZotope Alloy 2 Review

iZotope brings the Alloy 2, the successor of the first version of Alloy from 2010, one of the most popular all-in one effect plugin developed by this company. Alloy 2 combines one parametric EQ, two dynamic modules, one de-esser, harmonic exciter, transient designer and one limiter. All this modules covers all your needs for sound processing.

From some points of view Alloy 2 is similar with other iZotope plugin: the Ozone plugin. This plugin covers all major aspects of a mixing software and delivers high quality results for sound processing work.

Those two dynamic modules comes with some changes including an overall detection signal filter (high- and low-pass), and better per-band sidechaining.

The Equlaizer module brings new inovations and features including Pultec-style ‘vintage’ shelves and bell, resonant shelves, flat and brickwall filters and gentle Baxandall bass and treble options.

Alloy 2 interface is very intuitive, clean and easy to navigate and use. Each control can be found on the front panel of each module. Also each component can be bypassed individually allowing A/B comparisons who will give you more accuracy.

Do not forget about presets. As usual, iZotope brings a wide range of presets in their plugins. Alloy 2 presets provide an excellent starting point for all types of sound shaping and are grouped into Global and module-specific. You will get over 250 presets for basses, drums, pianos, vocals, post production, guitars, final mix and many more cool presets. You can edit any of this presets and create your own ones fast and easy. Save them and use in your next projects fast and easy.

Alloy 2 can be used by engineers, producers, remixers for project studios, post and broadcast delivering the best quality available with iZotope’s award-winning DSP.

Is a great oportunity to save money and time with this all-in one plugin. Priced at £84.96, is much cheaper than having to buy separate plugins for each module included by Alloy 2.

You can read more details about this great plugin such as installation instructions, system requirements and see the buying options from links bellow.

More Details/Buying Options: Alloy 2 | iZotope

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