We recently grabbed a copy of Dominus. What is Dominus? Dominus is a great VST plugins special crafted and build by The CoreStylerz for dance, electro, house, trance music producer and comes with a great library of presets and many controls that allow you to change, create your own sounds and mix them into your projects.

Dominus VST Synth Instrument

Dominus can be used as a VST program of as a stand-alone software that not need to be hosted, great for live performances.

As many today’s virtual synthesizers Dominus is based on a modular structure with 3 independent oscillators. First two of them have the “Spread Function” and the 3rd oscillator has a noise independent oscillator.

Each of these 3 oscillators integrate many configurable controls such as Wave, Pahse, Volume, Octave, Semi and Fine that will allow you to modify and play around creating new sounds or making adjustments.

The Filter module features six different DSP: Low-pass, High-pass, Band-pass, Notch, Comb, Analog Low-pass. This will allow you to change type, cut-off, resonance, key and routing of sound.

Routing function is also available on Dominus if you want to connect the Filter Envelope , The LFO or both. Dominus Filter envelope is a particular ADSR with a curve controller. The curve modify the envelope line from a linear scale to a non-linear scale.

One of the most important features of Dominus it’s his routing matrix that can route up to 12 different parameters at time.

Dominus has a built-in presets manager with single patch and bank functionalities. The default bank includes 64 patches ready to be used to create new tracks. I opened Dominus in FL Studio an play around with some of his presets and I liked a lot. In all this years I tried many VST plugins and can say that Dominus sound pretty original an refreshing.

The best part came from the “Trance Sensations” soundbank provided special for this review. All presets are truly helpful for Trance music and sound very clean and clearly.

Combining the richness of sound of non-linear technology, the flexibility of a routing matrix, the poly or unison mode and an arpeggiator, Dominus can create fat sounds, harmonics leads, wobble basses, pads, plucks, Kicks and chords sequences”.

The only complaint I could say, is the design and colors used that I are too loud, to much yellow. Yet it is well proportioned and easily find the buttons you need.

In conclusion Dominus is a very nice and versatile synthesizer for any electronic music producer who need more inspiration and a program with many powerful features. The price is the best, just 39,90 €, comparative with other VST synths from market.

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