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Review: Doctor P Plugin Package by VIProducer

Doctor P Plugin Package by VIProducer

In this review we will be going over another bundle from ViProducer made by the Dubstep producer Doctor P who some of you may know from some of his tracks like ‘’Sweet shop’’, “gargoyle” and “Badman Sound”. Doctor P also has worked with artists like Method man, Dillon Francis and Adam F Doctor P and started his own successful record label together with his longtime friend Flux Pavilion.

Now from the other reviews we have done on the ViProducer platform (Printz Board Plugin & StoneBridge Plugin) we know all about what the platform can do and how it is set up to allow each Producer to give their own signature taste to the instrument and make each bundle unique. So knowing this, what can we expect out of Doctor P’s version of this platform?


Doctor P Plugin Package

In the Beatmaker you will find two full drum kits and six separated hits sections for Kick, Snare, Hats, Cymbals, Percussion and FX pack this together with the ten kits you find in the Drum Shaper makes for a really big library of beats all in one neat and tidy instrument. The samples used in this instrument sound great and do have a dubstep feel to them with mostly punchy kicks and hard hitting snares which we all like very much.

Vip Synth

Doctor P Plugin Package by VIProducer
VIP Synth

Judging by Doctor P’s background we all know he likes the bass heavy dubstep genre and that is reflected in the Vip Synth with 54 low and dirty Bass presets which sound pretty sweet and 13 screaming lead presets because well it can’t all be bass right? Can it? But in all seriousness, all the presets do sound really good and just cycling through them can inspire some nice ideas.

As with all the ViProducer bundles you also get a bunch of lessons with the instrument and that is no different in Doctor P’s bundle where he goes over the process from composition to the mastering of his track “The Pit” with topics like drum group processing, bass group processing and sound design of the bass and leads and well tips and tricks from a seasoned producer are always welcome so that’s a nice bonus.

There is one thing I neglected to mention in the other reviews all the ViProducer bundles you also get to download all the stems for the tracks they preview in their lessons which is nice to listen along as they do their lessons or to make a remix out of maybe.


This is another great and unique bundle from ViProducer which if you are into the bass heavy dubstep genre is definitely something to take a look at. The presets and drum kits for Doctor P’s version of this instrument really nice they sound great and are easily customizable due to the nature of the ViProducer platform.

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