Review: Dirty Modular Synth by Samplephonics

Dirty Modular Samplephonics Review
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Dirty Modular from Samplephonics is a virtual instrument (Kontakt-based modular instrument) which attracted the attention of many music producers from the first day of release. Built using Kontakt platform, Modular Dirty brings some noteworthy innovations and features. Comes with a very nice, interactive user interface with many knobs, controllers and nice 3d cables ready to be combined and routed.

This virtual instrument features over 8400 samples captured direct from a real analogue modular synthesizer and also features 2 oscillators + 174 raw sounds available per oscillator with awesome random function.

According to Samplephonics, all sounds and samples were recorded in collaboration with Dom Morley from Metropolis Studios from London. This fusion between a great sound engineer and Samplephonics team made possible the release of this great virtual instrument that rise to the claims of any music producer from this days who need the best source of inspiration when it comes to creating and generating new sounds.

Bellow you can read all features of this virtual instrument:

  • 8,496 samples from a real modular synth.
  • Comes with the Kontakt Free Player (you do NOT need to own a full copy of Kontakt to own this!).
  • Interactive GUI with powerful routing and modulation options.
  • 2 oscillators + 174 raw sounds available per oscillator with awesome random function!
  • 150+ presets plus more free presets sent to your inbox!
  • 3 LFO’s (routable to filter, amp or pitch).
  • 3 Envelopes (routable to filter, amp or pitch).
  • 2 analogue modelled Filters with switchable states (lp, bp, hp). Can be run individually or linked.
  • 2 FX modules with switchable chorus, phaser, analogue modelled saturation, screamer distortion, amp distortion, bitcrusher and flanger. Can be run individually or linked.
  • Huge stereo reverb and delay units.
  • Analogue style sequencer with multiple routing options.
  • In-app preset loading and saving meaning you don’t have to load samples every time.
  • Highly optimised DFD streaming and sample purging for super fast and smooth sample loading.
  • The only plugin available of its kind!

Dirty Modular is indeed a very interesting tool that gives you great freedom in creation and modulation of new sounds. Priced at £119/$194, this synth can be quite expensive for some pockets compared to other virtual analogue synths, but not exaggerated. Uniqueness and the great sound quality of waveform library of this product makes it a good choice if you’re looking for a new virtual synthesizer for your productions.

You can buy this tool at Dirty Modular

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