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Review: Devastor 2 Multiband Distortion Plugin by D16 Group

d16 Devastor 2 Review


D16 Group’s Devastor 2 is a multi-band distortion effect plugin that provides plenty of options for mangling your sound source in all kinds of ways. Devastor 2’s main features include its powerful diode clipper with 6 distortion curve types, configurable parallel, pre, and post signal routing, as well as the new master output limiter.

New To Devastor 2:

  • Optional output limiter
  • Instant signal re-routing with 9 different topologies between filter and clipper interaction
  • Refined filter models
  • Ability to load and save custom MIDI CC maps
Devastor 2 User Interface
Devastor 2 User Interface

Devastor 2 is broken up into 3 main sections:

  • Distortion Shaping
  • Signal routing and filters
  • Output and limiter

1. Distortion Shaping

Dynamic Control Knob:

Dynamic Control Knob

Devastor 2 comes equipped with an easy to use dynamic control knob. Choose to keep dynamic range or to destroy it. This section comes at the very start of the signal flow and determines how much or little dynamic range you keep in your signal.

Diode Clipper:

Diode ClipperDevastor 2’s extremely powerful diode clipper used to simulate the behavior of an analogue diode clipper circuit and features a selection of 6 different distortion curve types.

  • Preamp: Controls the diode clipper signal amplification
  • Threshold: Sets the amplitude at which the clipper signal is distorted above.
  • Shape: Allows finer tweaking of the clipper curve shape to allow for more control over distortion curve types.

2. Signal Routing and Filters

Signal Routing

Signal Routing

Routing plays a big role when it comes to signal processing and audio in general. Devastor 2 comes pre-loaded with 9 different signal routing topologies allowing for greater control over where you are exactly are sending your processing.

Devastor 2 allows for parallel, pre, and post signal routing directly inside of the effect.

Multi-Mode Filters

Multi-Mode Filters

The 3 independent multi-mode filters combined with the signal routing capabilities, most notability the biggest section of the plugin, offers a wide range of filtering of Devastor2’s warmth sound. The full 20Hz – 20kHz spectrum range and 4 selectable filter types give you plenty of control over what frequencies you wish to target.

Filter Types:

  • LP (Lowpass)
  • BP (Bandpass)
  • HP (Highpass)
  • BR (Bandreject)

Each filter type also contains independently controlled filter volume and resonance or bandwidth controls depending on which filter is selected.

3. Output and Limiter

Output and LimiterLast but not least we have the end of the signal flow which includes the optional limiter, dry/wet parallel knob, and overall output volume and corresponding LED metering.


Devastor2’s new limiter is not something you want to write-off as just another limiter. D16 has done an excellent job of securing nice analogue warmth with this section and can help you achieve an even more squashed or dynamically tight signal. Note that the limiter applies to both the wet and dry signal.

Dry/Wet FX:

A simple but yet much-needed tool. This dry/wet knob crossfades between the 100% wet signal and the 100% dry signal. This allows you to blend just the right amount of the overall effect you’re looking for.

Output Volume and Limiter:

An effect plugin wouldn’t be too much use without proper ability to gain stage your signal. Devastor 2 provides ample working room and gain staging with the designated output volume control. If you’re running the distortion effect pretty hard, backing off on the volume knob can help you avoid any undesired clipping effects.
Other notable features:

  • Real-time and off-Line quality processing modes
  • MIDI CC map compatible
  • Tag organized preset browser

Preset Browser

Devastor 2 Preset Browser

It’s important to stay organized as much as possible while in the studio. Devastor2’s tag-based preset browser gives you with everything that is essential in a browser system. After spending countless hours exploring the sonic capabilities of Devastor 2 you’ll discover certain combinations of distortion types and signal routing setups that you may want to recall at a moment’s notice. This is no problem here and it seems that D16 group actually encourages the user to create many different presets and for a good reason.

Usage Tips

Use the dry/wet knob to crossfade between completely wet signal and the dry signal. This allows you to achieve parallel processing of the effect along with the original dry signal.

Clever use of the signal processing can allow you to accomplish all processing needs directly in-house inside the effect plugin. Try experimenting with different signal routing topologies.

Devastor 2 is routing options allow for you to control excitement parallel, pre, and post processing. this makes it a powerhouse for standalone use. Try using Devastor 2 on a send channel by itself.

A signal is a signal. Try using Devastor 2 to process various types of signals such as drums, synths, and even full mix busses.


  • Powerful diode clipper with various controls over characteristics with real-time and off-line quality processing options
  • Extremely flexible signal routing allows for more advanced effect processing
  • Filters independently run parallel with ample filter types and independent volume control
  • Plenty of pre-loaded effect presets from warm tones all the way to resonate acid styles
  • Easy to get into and get great results


  • Not for users seeking a flashy interface
  • Limiter controls would have been the icing on the cake


Devastor 2 is a great choice for any distortion, filtering and limiting needs for multi-band purposes or even single-band needs. Harmonic frequency excitement is one of the biggest factors to achieving a fat or destroyed sound and D16 group has delivered a great multi-band distortion effect plugin. Whether you are using it to add some lush analogue clip distortion, put some warm characteristics in your filtering, or simply limit your signal, Devastor 2 will prove to be a useful tool in the toolbox and you will find yourself coming back to time and time again.

Devastor 2 is compatible with Windows and Mac OS in VST/AU/AAX 32 and 64-bit format. Devastor 2 also is available as a Reason Rack Extension available through the Propellerhead online store.

Buy Link: Devastor 2 (Plugin Boutique)

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