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Review: Dehumanizer 2 Vocal Processing Tool by Krotos

Dehumanizer 2 Vocal Processing Plugin

Krotos offers really interesting tools that enter into a completely new sphere of sound design. To date, they have 2 products, Dehumanizer 2 and Reformer PRO.

Both plugins are for Game and Cinematic producers. They allow you to completely re-work sound to create out-of-this-world voices or vividly authentic of this world sound effects.

Dehumanizer 2 is basically a vocal processor that helps you design monsters, robots, or alien creature voices. The interface itself reminds me a bit of creating synths in Reaktor.

Krotos Dehumanizer 2

There’s an input that is coming from a microphone or a sample, you can then pick a preset which opens into a group of nodes spliced together. The nodes are effects that the incoming vocal can be routed through to manipulate the sound. Offered are things like, Ring Modulator, Granular, Pitch Shifting, and so forth.

Dehumanizer 2 Effects

The Input and each effect can be set individually by clicking on the nodes. Each has a full set of parameters important to its effect as well as an Eq and limiter.

Essentially what you have here is a specified sampler. You could put something like this together in Ableton or Reaktor but that would take a lot of effort and patience before you find that character voice you are looking for. Krotos has put this very fine plugin together for you in order to make it easier.

If you’re producing games or sci-fi films you need to check this out. It has everything you need under one hood to create unique, characterful, and unforgettable voices.

The presets offer you direction and the interface offers more than enough possibilities to sculpt your voice into something very special. You could also perform a dialogue live with the effect on to help your voice actor get into the character.

Dehumanizer 2 comes also in a Lite and Advanced version. There is also Dehumanizer Simple Monsters.

Krotos Simple Monster

Simple Monsters is Dehumanizer simplified. So if you’re not a sound designer but you still need cool voices this version focuses everything into a much simpler user interface. Here you can choose from a preset and then adjust the sound with just a few sliders or with 2 XY pads. They are both extremely well made and loads of fun.

Simple Monsters is around 100€ which makes it more accessible if you’re on a leaner budget.


Krotos plugins are interesting because they can be used as a live performance tool to enhance the drama. They are moving into the mind-boggling territory of sound design. Their instruments are already standard with some of the world’s biggest studios. If you’re a filmmaker, cinematic, or ambiance producer have a look at Krotos’s plugins today!

Find more details about this great plugin: Dehumanizer 2

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