Review: Deep Keyz [Special Edition] by Xclusive-Audio

Xclusive-Audio Deep Keyz

Xclusive-Audio recently released Deep Keyz [Special Edition], a new sample pack featuring drums one shot samples and piano loops, in both Wav and MIDI formats. I’ve spent some time playing with them, and they sound very neat. Lets get deeper with them, shall we?


First of all, this samples sound really good, specially for the drums one shot.
Here, you get kick drums that sound really loud, you will find some 808s as well as acoustic kicks, some of them dry, some of them processed, some of them with lots of top end and some with a huge bottom end, and there are some with long decay times. To my taste, this kicks are very well suited for Hip Hop, Dubstep or EDM.

The snares are really punchy and have lots of attack, many of them have some reverb, and some a lot!

You also get all kind of claps, and this is great news if you are a fan of claps like me.
You get various pitches open and closed hats and finally very clever thought percussion elements to spice up your drum parts.

The piano loops are the core of this collection. You get a lot of them, and they all have embedded tempo information, so, it’s very easy to stretch/expand them to suit your sequence tempo. All this loops are four bars long, and they are mostly in the key of A (major or minor). The predominance here are the piano melodies, arpeggios and riffs, but, some of them include other elements like synths and basses.

Needless to say they sound great, the playing has some dark gothic feeling to my ears, and I’m sure any Hip Hop or Dubstep producer would make awesome use of them. In fact, the tempos go from 60BPM to 100BPM, so, yeah, Hip Hop and Dubstep producers will be incredibly happy with them!

What this Deep Keyz [Special Edition] pack contains exactly?

Well, you will get 31 epic piano loops in Wav 24-Bit format and 31 MIDI files, 150 one shot drum samples such as 808s, kicks, snares, claps, hi-hats, percussion and more. All samples are tempo-marked and 100% royalty free to be used in any type of productions, commercial or non-commercial.

All the loops are Wav files 44.1 KHz @24 bits.

Besides the wav loops, you also get the MIDI files for each loop, this allows you to use the melodies and riffs with maybe some different samples or deconstruct them and use the left hand part with cellos and the right hand part with violins. I’ve tried a couple of them with some pianos and rhodes from my Nord Electro, and they work really good. Of course, being MIDI files, you get much more precise edition possibilities than the Wav files. Also, you can transpose, change harmony, etc, etc, so this might as well serve you as inspirational tools.


I’m not a big loops user, but, this are really good and they have some instant inspiration mojo. I mean, the second you make an 8 bar loop with them you just can imagine lots of song possibilities and, I believe this is great. Hip Hop and Dubstep producers will really take advantage of this loops, and I think they are a must for anyone producing this kind of music. And then, of course the drums, are a great tool, I mean, drum samples, are almost as reverb plugins: you never have enough!

So, anyway, I think this package would be a nice addition to any producer’s arsenal.

Deep Keyz [Special Edition] is available for instant download at Xclusive-Audio website priced at $34.95.

If you want to read more details and to listen audio demos, I recommend you to visit the link listed below.

More Details/Audio Demos: Deep Keyz [Special Edition] | Xclusive-Audio

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