Review: Cassetto Kontakt Synthesizer by HG Sounds

Cassetto Kontakt Synthesizer

Cassetto from HG Sounds (Home Grown Sounds) is a new NI Kontakt synthesizer (available for Kontakt 5.6 or newer).

The v1.1 added instrument can work in Kontakt 5.5 and is called Micro Cassetto. So it’s like 2 different GUI ready for one big synth !

Cassetto Kontakt Synthesizer

Looking at the new 1000*700 pixels size in Kontakt, the area is great on a full HD monitor, and I think this synth is reminding me Reaktor instruments !

It’s a full synth with everything ready to play with a big set of samples. This time, samples were recorded with tapes in a way to get new rich waveforms and single-cycle short waves.

The synth parameters are nice to tweak, all parts of the GUI are beautiful, in a white gray design. At least 200 presets are ready now and more should be added soon !

Cassetto Kontakt Synthesizer

The whole list of presets has some unique old school presets, I like the bass presets with very interesting sound, that you can modify and send to unknown experimental randomness in a few mouse clicks. The reverb has 50 impulses responses, and it’s great to set the synth quickly this way in different rooms and environments.

The arpeggiator is just great, I thought Reaktor could do this, but Kontakt too ! This whole synth has a 600 MB size bank installed on the drive ! This gives you a lot of good features to play with, a lot of presets, bass, synths, pads, arp presets…

Screenshots and Video for presets by HGSounds : (more on the product page)


  • 2 Oscillators with both multi-sampled cassette sampled sound and single cycle Waveforms
  • Noise Oscillator sampled from Tape
  • Unstable for warbling the oscillator pitch
  • Dual Filters with a large choice of filter types
  • Parallel Filters or One for each Oscillator
  • 2 LFOs with selectable Waveforms, LFO1 resets on note, LFO2 is free running
  • Random LFO of the Filter
  • Filter Envelope for the Cutoff, Pitch and Optional Volume of Oscillator 2
  • VCA Envelope for Volume Control
  • Reverb with 50 Impulse Responses
  • Delay
  • Modulator with a choice from Chorus, Flanger or Phaser
  • Arpeggiator with Sequencers for various parameters
  • Preset Browser with the ability to save presets
  • Global Randomizer and Default, with the ability to save you own Default preset.
  • Section Default and Randomizer buttons
  • over 200 Presets (with more to come)

These are two screenshots of “Cassetto” and “Micro Cassetto” in FL Studio. Micro Cassetto is the same synth with a smaller GUI needing tabs to swap areas :

Cassetto Kontakt Synthesizer
Cassetto in FL Studio 12
Cassetto Kontakt Synthesizer
Micro Cassetto in FL Studio 12


This product is a big pack of single-cycle waveforms and audio samples “from tape” ready in a top synth ! The current price is a top deal on this amount of work by the makers, and the bonus in this product is it’s unique flow of synthesis, for analog audio and old school synthesizers oriented musicians. REALLY GREAT SOUND with random magic from tapes!

If you are interested in getting this nice synth for your Kontakt, check Cassetto here: Cassetto

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