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Review: BRAAMS Sample Pack by SampleTraxx

Braams Sample Pack

When it comes to styles of music, we all can see there are trends people adhere to for a said time.

One such trend is a sound or type of sound, we all recognize if we have seen a movie trailer in the last eight years or so.

This sound is either in the opening credits or half way through the trailer when some dramatic reveal or an overwhelming sense of dread is to be expressed. It is the mighty “Braaaaam” (yes that is the name for it).

I want to start this review directly with the audio demo. Click play and listen while reading this review. You will understand the whole story much better.

The jury is out on where this trend first started, be it for Christopher Nolan’s “Inception” or Peter Jackson’s “District 9”, but whichever the case, the trend it put in motion doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon.

I have always had a special place for film music in my heart. It was the original “Jurassic Park” score that set my love for music alight, and I will admit, when I hear a meticulously crafted piece of sound design of this type in a trailer, the hairs on the back of my neck always stand to attention.

Because the Braam is the sole focal point of sonic information there is no room for error and no room for failure to impress, and SampleTraxx’s “Braams” sound pack fits that description to the letter.


The sample pack contains 130 unique samples that what I can best describe as a toolbox for suspense.

There are 30 fully designed samples, ready to be unleashed on an unsuspecting theater audience, which in my opinion, is what a head on collision between a transformer and a brass section would sound like.

These samples are like a Pinot Noir, full-bodied and potent, engorging the sonic space in which they are placed. It is a testament to the sound designer that these leviathans leave very little room for anything to survive near them, and are perfect for those intense moments in track composition or multimedia projects.

The rest of the sounds provide essential components to create your own custom aural impact crater. 14 bass samples, 11 “bassmorph” samples ( more metallic in sound than the previous bass sounds). My only issue with these samples is that all of them are in the key of C, there is no variation in them. There could be a reason for this that I am unaware of, however, so I will not fault them for this.

The last 49 samples are drones, transitions, and more subtle braams.

From sounds like robotic fingernails on a chalkboard to the more traditional “horns and distortion” braams, there is enough here to lay the foundation for your signature movie trailer sound design or to instantly provide industry quality impacts at the touch of a ctrl + v.

Finally, the bonus samples are a collection of 26 single hits ranging from very weighty kicks and sub drops to lush sweeps that engulf the stereo field. In my opinion, this sample pack is a fantastic starting point for these style of sounds, both as a compositional tool as well as providing prime examples of great sound design.


If creating your own braams is your thing, samples found in this sample pack provide reference material that rivals that of what you would see on a prime-time trailer. In the few days, I have had so far reviewing this pack, some of the sounds have proven to be what was missing from them to turn them from yet another idea to add to my “unfinished, but promise to finish at some point“ folder.

BRAAMS sample pack can be yours for only 39 EUR. Find more details on the official page here: BRAAMS

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