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Review: Bounce Compressor Plugin by BeatSkillz

BeatSkillz Bounce Review

After releasing some of the best quality plugins in 2015, like Slam Dawg- Beat Phattener and That Thing- Soundscape Processor, Beatskillz has recently released their new Compressor-analog sound plugin called Bounce. This plugin is available as VST/AU/AAX for both Mac and Win.

For a long time, I was looking for a plugin that can be used with all the elements for my track. After working with almost all the digital compressors available in the market, at the moment, I can’t deny that some of them are really great emulations, but using and learning them can be a really difficult chore. Bounce makes it effortless to use compression on any element of the track or even the whole track!

Beatskillz slogan says it all WORK FAST SOUND GREAT!

BOUNCE VST, AU Compressor Plugin
Bounce User Interface

Best Features:

  • Full Detection system with Maximum control
  • Adds “punch” and “Thrust” to any sound
  • Transparent compression
  • Easy to use User Interface.
  • Presets offered for all the elements like 808, bus compression, guitar, toms etc.


Used it on 808, Instantly shaped into a Huge 808!

Bounce Compressor on 808 Drums


Bounce Compressor for Vocals

Sounds of 808 are fat and punchy with Bounce as there is a certain element of harmonic distortion in the compression, which makes it apt for smooth vocals.

The good sound and an easy user interface allow the user to work more on their musical ideas and elements of the track rather than processing or setting up the compression levels. This makes the whole process of music production fast along with the quality of good sound.

With the use of a full detection circuit and the available parameters, you can use Bounce to bring alive any element, which usually sounds buried, under the mix. Full detection circuits make it easy to change the shape of the sound by effortlessly turning few knobs. Like Piano or Pluck, it can easily compress and make it sound huge without actually changing the real character of the sound, even though it is capable of doing so.

Bounce unaffectedly manages to achieve very similar results like the other available emulations of the API 2500 or SSL compressor from different brands. With the setting like Glue and Bus mixes, you can use Bounce as a very effective Mastering tool too.

In conclusion, I will recommend Bounce to everyone from a Novice to an Ace because:

  • It saves a lot of time (premade presets to get the desired sound in seconds).
  • Very low on Cpu Usage
  • Versatile compression (can shape any sound)
  • Easy User Interface
  • Affordable Price

Compared to other available compressors available in the market, Bounce is priced quite low, and if you hurry you can even get a better bargain on Intro price Discount!

More Details / Download: Bounce

Below you can watch a video of Easy 808 Drums Mixing with Bounce by Beatskillz.

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