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Review: Bollywood Maharaja Drums Plugin by BeatSkillz

Bollywood Maharaja Drums

Bollywood Maharaja Drums by Beatskillz is a new Urban sound Rompler, loaded with 100 high-quality drum kits in 1200 single-shot drum samples. These samples are recorded using some of the best quality mics like AKG C414 and Winder Audio PEQ and Distressor, by Gaurav Dayal, Platinum record selling composer and also the founder of Beatskillz label.

“I personally love the vintage tone of Indian percussion from 1950/60s/70s Bollywood, with more rich mid’s and more resonant sound.” – says Gaurav Dayal

These samples are recorded over the period of 8 years in Delhi and Mumbai recording studios in India by Gaurav Dayal. There are 4 Knobs for each Volume, Release, Reverb, and Pitch which can easily be used for tuning and creating space for the sound. Any sound can be tuned conferring to the tracks tuning, especially helpful for tuning Kick sound and Bollywood percussion sounds.

Other 12 pads and knobs represent each element of the Drum Kit. Easy to change volume and pan controls make it easy to mix the sounds certainly fast while working on a track. The sample quality of the banks is really punchy and crisp as they have been already processed specifically for the sounds of today’s Electronic Dance Music. Containing drum kits Trap, Hip-hop, 808, organic, desi hip-hop, Bollywood, and many more.

Sounds are already well-polished so you don’t have to spend more time on eq-ing and mixing the sound. Panning is important for the drum so that in the main Drum Loop each drum sound have their own space. If you want your Drum loops to be Tight and punchy, you have to arrange all the elements in their respective stereo arrangement. Like Kick and snare, in the middle, whereas Hi-hats and other percussion sounds should be Panned towards the right or left. So that we can have all the elements clear and without disquieting with the other frequencies.

Great sounding Instrument saves time and increases productivity by fitting in any workflow.


  • Great quality sounds
  • Bollywood [Indian] Sound +
  • Variety to choose from 100 Drum Kits
  • Easy to use interface with further knobs for easy tuning and sculpting of the sound
  • Low on Cpu.


  • Don’t see any Cons buying this plugin. It’s a great-sounding Instrument and moderately priced with some fresh sounds.

Bollywood Maharaja is available for both Windows and MAC OS in VST, AU 32-bit, or 64-bit plugin formats.

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