Review: Audio-Imperia Scenes From The Multiverse Vol.1

Audio Imperia Review

Are you looking for a new sample library? The Scenes From The Multiverse Vol.1 from Audio Imperia is a great sample pack for Native Instruments Kontakt soft sampler that I had the chance to test it and even use it in some personal musical projects.

Kontakt Cinematic Library

Scenes From The Multiverse Vol.1 is the first part from a cinematic tool kit series that will be launched on the developer’s website in the near future. Behind this sound library is the Autralian composer Joshua Crispin (known as Generdyn) who has many years of experience in Audio-Video Production. Joshua Crispin has also worked and contributed to other popular audio and video projects, even popular games.

Here are some projects on which he contributed: “Share The Wubs”, another great Dubstep Library Pack, Impact Soundwork’s “Juggernaut Cinematic Library”, also he contributed to the Edge of Twilight game soundtrack and more recently to the Battlefield 4 Trailer sound design.

Inpired by movies such as Marvel Avengers, Spiderman, Thor, Guardians of the Galaxy, X-Men, DC Comics, Superman, Batman, Star Trek, Star Wars, Scenes From The Multiverse Vol.1 is a great sample library that includes booms, braams, downers, drones, short hits, designed hits, pulses, reversed FX, risers and streched FX. These sounds remind you of your favorite movies, just listening you feel the action and your heart rate accelerates instantly.

Mainly, this sound library was designed to be used in movie production, but not only. Any of these sounds can be easily used in music production, for genres like Trap, Electro, Dubstep and more. The Audio Imperia team made an interesting video presentation: they used samples from this sample pack along side with FL Studio DAW to create a new track, watch the video below:

Sounds interesting, right? This track could easily be used in a trailer or and action scene on a movie. But as I said above, with a little creativity and imagination you can include these sounds in any musical projects. I think these samples would fit perfectly in Dubstep music.

Now let’s get to the technical aspects of this sound library. Most importantly is that Scenes From The Multiverse requires the full version of Kontakt or higher, will not work with the free version.

All sounds are available in high definition 96kHz / 24bit .WAV format. Expect to find over 800MB including 122 Kontakt patches. On the official website of the product are available other details as Detailed Soundminer Metadata (Data Sheet: XLS / Data Sheet: PDF) and a PDF Manual.

Priced at $59, Scenes From The Multiverse Vol.1 can be purchased directly from Audio Imperia website.

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