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Review: ArcSyn Synthesizer Plugin by SPC Plugins

ArcSyn Synthesizer Plugin Review

ArcSyn Synthesizer Review

Unexplored Sonic Territory

ArcSyn is a brand new synthesizer from SPC Plugins which is based on analog synthesizer architecture. ArcSyn does not emulate any specific real synthesizer although it does sound really good and provides a wide range of parameters to choose from.

The first few sounds I checked, they just sound amazing! and it includes more than 350 presets to choose from which can be used in a variety of genres from ambient drones and soundscapes to heavy and hard-hitting electronic dance music. Very well polished and synthesized sounds and that too without any samples. Everything is generated from scratch with the Oscillator waveforms, that also means if you want to learn more about synthesis you can try “Reverse Engineering” the presets available in ArcSyn.

Learning Reverse Engineering of presets can be helpful in many ways:

  • learning how that sound is made will lead to designing new sounds
  • getting inspired
  • good reference material etc.
ArcSyn VST Synth Plugin
ArcSyn User Interface

There are 71 different Waveforms available to choose from including some new interesting waveforms like Sub-Harmonic and FM Crossfade.

37 types of filter options with easy to modulate knobs for getting desired results also included some unusual filters like Scramble and Multi-Alias. These powerful and self-oscillating filter are based on the famous Oberheim Matrix 12. The most complicated looking feature in ArcSyn will be its 8 LFO’s and the modulation arranger, which are not just capable of playing one waveform as well as sequencing up to 16 waveforms. Once you know how to setup LFO and use it, it’s a breeze to work with modulations as cut, copy and paste method is also available for writing waveforms.

ArcSyn Synth Waveforms

One more added feature in ArcSyn is ADHSR where H stands for Hold, which can be used for adjusting the time a sound stays at the peak level. Note that the Envelope will switch to Release once the note is released during the Hold time.

ArcSyn Envelope

With two routing modes “Series” and “Parallel” it also provides “Swap” function which considerably changes the sound by shifting the effect position or the order, by which we can also get some interesting sounds.

It also features Modulation matrix which is useful for routing the modulation source to the destination source like OSC 1 shape, level or mix. There are total 16 slots available in modulation matrix in where 8 of the slots are hidden, which can be opened by clicking on the vertical down arrow under slot 8.

ArcSyn Plugin Sources

At first look ArcSyn Synthesizer might look intimidating with all the knobs and a large number of available parameters to work with, although most of the controls are self-explanatory and also provides readouts for every control. With experience [time & patience]and hopefully reverse engineering [if you have just started learning] of the gorgeous presets offered one can easily learn how to use ArcSyn synthesizer.

Altogether it’s a Beast of a plugin with limitless options to explore from and surprisingly with very low CPU usage. Must buy if you like synthesizing Gorgeous sounds!


[tie_list type=”plus”]
  • Amazing quality sound
  • Wide variety of presets for all the genres of music [more than 350]
  • Unique wavetables
  • Very low CPU usage
  • Versatile


None! as the price is moderate and its limitless capability makes it more than worth a try.

ArcSyn is available for Windows and MAC in VST and AudioUnits plugin formats (32/64-bit), priced at $99 / €79 / £69 inc. VAT. On the official website you can download and test the free demo version before buy it.

More Details: ArcSyn

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