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Review: Anthology X Octavox Plugin by Eventide Audio

Eventide Octavox Review

In this week’s review of Eventide’s Anthology X Bundle we will be going over Octavox, two-time based diatonic harmonizers which allow you to create simple harmonies or complex rhythmic sequences.


When you first open one of this plugin you will be greeted by a row of voices which can be switched on and off according to how many voices you need and level, panning, delay, and pitch for each of these voices can be changed accordingly. The delay and pitch changes will be shown in the notation grid underneath the voices which is a nice visual representation of what you are doing to the pitch and delay.

Octavox Pitch and Delay

The numbered dots represent the voices and at what kind of delay that you have set with them and the little yellow triangle represents the loop delay time, these can be set either by moving the dots themselves or by typing in the settings manually above the notation grid.

Right next to the notation grid you can set what key, scale and tempo you want the Octavox to play in keeping the effects you are trying make in time and key with the rest of your song.

Octavox review

With the pitch control on the right side of the Octavox you can set to what frequency’s or note the Octavox is listening to in your original signal this tracks the frequency range you have set to make sure it doesn’t pick up any unwanted signal that you may have in your original signal, with the instrument tab this is quite easy as this gives the Octavox a kind of guideline as to what kind of frequency the Octavox should be listening for.

Like most of the other plugins in Eventides Anthology X bundle the Octavox has a snapshots pad for easy recalling of presets that you like and as with the other plugins there are sixteen presets loaded up for you already which can be changed to suit your personal taste which is a small feature I really like just because I hate wasting time with allot of clicking.

There are over a hundred presets to choose from in the Octavox which range from different types of harmonies to sequences and special FX and also some nice presets made by Mr Devine and Mr Schumacher to help you on your way.


Octavox,  is in my opinion, is a very nice plug-in that like all the other plugins in the Anthology X bundle bring allot of cool effects to the table. Personally, I have been mostly using to get around some soft synths that get really CPU heavy when you start to play big chords this keeps the synth playing one note but you hear big huge chords without annoying CPU spikes and or dropouts. But in all honesty, what does this plugin a bit of a disservice because it can do allot more the harmonic and rhythmic effects that you can produce are really very extensive.

Both Octavox is a great plugin that can do quite allot to your sound without smashing your CPU to bits they both sound great and are allot of fun to play with.


  • Light on CPU.
  • Produces great effects on a multitude of different types of signals.
  • Easy to work with and understand.


  • I don’t want to nit-pick as I see no downsides to owning this plugin.

Octavox is available for Windows and MAC OS in VST, AU plugin format.

More Details: Octavox

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