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Review: Anthology X H3000 Band Delays by Eventide

Anthology X H3000 Band Delays

The H3000 Band Delays is a plugin that was inspired by the filtered delay algorithm found in the H3000 Multi effects processor and expanded upon with eight voices of tempo based filtered delays which can be modulated and automated to produce some stellar effects.

Each of the eight voices in the H3000 band delay can be set with five different filter types band pass, high pass, low pass, notch and all pass and is shown in the band display window. These filters can be set to a specific delay time using the intuitive beat grid located next to the band display. Being able to set each voice to a specific delay time can give you some really interesting rhythmic effects especially if you add some modulation from within the H3000 or automation from your DAW.

The frequency of the filters can be set to a specific frequency or note using the controls above the band display and can either be automated in your DAW or modulated within the H3000 with the function generator. Using midi to control the filters and delays of the H3000 can truly produce some awesome tonal effects which will be in harmony with your other tracks using the same midi.

When browsing through the presets of the H3000 band delays you will find some presets where the band delays seem to be moving on their own this is because they have been assigned to a function generator which can be set to nineteen different types of waveforms, like for example a sine wave moving the parameter assigned to it along in the frequency and amplitude of that sine wave using this alone can already produce some interesting moving effects great for those evolving pad sounds.

As with the H3000 factory the settings and parameters you like most can be saved to the soft keys and number pad snapshots for easy access which I really like as it saves allot of time fidgeting about.

In conclusion, the H3000 band delays is a great sounding plugin with a lot of modulation capabilities and can produce allot of great effects for any type of signal you feed into it from drums, vocals, pads or synths this plugin will definitely allow you to make them sound even better.


  • Easy to use
  • Fast workflow
  • Good visualisation of the modulations


  • Levels can be a bit hot in some presets
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