Review: Analogue Candy TR-LAX Drum Machines Sample Pack

Analogue Candy TR-LAX Drum Machines Sample Pack

In this review, we will be taking a look at a new sample pack from Analogue Candy the TR-Lax Drum Machines filled with all kinds of drum hits samples from a collection of classic drum machines which have been processed with a little LA flavor.

The pack is comprised of 179 wav files organized into 10 folders:

TR-LAX Folders

  • 505 + LAX: 34 samples
  • 606 + LAX: 14 samples
  • 707 + LAX: 26 samples
  • 727 + LAX: 31 samples
  • 808 + LAX: 46 samples
  • 909 + LAX: 28 samples

So what the people over at Analogue Candy have done with this pack is get together some classic drum machines then went over to a professional studio extracted all the sonic capabilities the drum machines had to offer and then put some nice processing over them giving the samples a unique flavor but still staying true to the original sound.

All the samples that come in the pack have wet and dry versions so you basically get the original drum machine sounds and some nicely processed ones that can just be plonked right into your project and sound sweet straight away and all that for only $5.99 is a nice deal to say the least. (That’s like a pack of cigarettes but healthier and they last longer so don’t smoke buy drums).

TR-LAX Drum machines is a nice pack with some classic samples that you hear in music all the time with some extra sparkle added on top. The processing is nicely done and the wet samples sound good and spacious, for those who need some great extra drum samples in their lives this would be a nice pack to get.

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