Review: ALK2 Sequenced Looper by ALK2 review

The ALK2 by is a looper/sequencer hybrid, which in my opinion, is an excellent live performance loop sequencer with the potential to become the go-to tool for many musicians, songwriters, and producers.

Meet the ALK2 ALK2 loops sequencer plugin

The new ALK2 looper/sequencer software must have been the user-friendliest music software that I’ve used this far.

I’ve noticed that a lot of energy has been spent on making this program as user-friendly as possible without limiting the artist.

It is very clear that it is made by musicians with a lot of experience in performance and looping. ALK2

With its beautiful colors and flexible design, this virtual loop sequencer will help you streamline your workflow to do what you love, create music.

It accepts both VST an AU extensions and has multi-route capabilities for its mixer slots.

ALK Input Output

Designed functionality

The ALK2 enables the artist to pre-compose their entire performance, the only thing left is to actually play your music while it is recorded into the recording loops.

These loops can be set to any length imaginable and will record audio, midi and parameter information all ready to be used later in your song.

The developers have also been kind enough to include quantization options, helping your track to stay on time even when you were not.

Screw up a part of your live recording? Just hit your panic mode trigger and it will insert a previously recorded loop instead, the show will go on.

To spice up your track you can set your recorded loops to alter their starting points, loop only partial recording and shift their pitch. ALK2 loops tracks


Being designed as a live performance tool the ALK2 has some other virtues.

As I mention in the video below, you could also use the ALK2 to improve your workflow while songwriting, using pre-arranged genre-specific templates.

Ever wondered how your chords would work with that melody in your head but you’re not feeling like drawing in an arrangement?

Only draw in any number of record loops, feed it into your favorite template and done.

You have now placed a song idea within a context in a matter of minutes.

Check out the video below to see these functions live.

Community community

On the website, there is an active forum with all kinds of tips and tricks.

The most exciting and interesting segment is their feature request and voting thread.

So if you have an idea or request for an addition to the ALK2 you can just leave it up there.

At the time of writing this review, they are very active on the forum.

Let’s hope that will be able to remain connected with their community and keep providing amazing service like they do right now.


Costing only 39 Euro’s for the “solo” version and 199 Euro’s for the full version, the ALK2 is not only cheaper than your regular looping pedal, it’s just better and a great songwriting tool.

Crafted with beautiful colors, an easy to use interface and multi-routing capabilities the ALK2 is already a very mature loop sequencer software.

It is ready to be used on stage and in the studio alike. Its continued development with community inspired features will only help it grow to be bigger and better.

Video Demo

To show off some features of the ALK2 I have made a video, performing a song and explaining some of the things discussed above.

Additionally, I have added a link to the playlist with all the tutorials made by on the ALK2 in the description of my video.


  • Price: 39 Eu. Solo Version.
  • Price: 199 Eu. Full version.
  • MacOS only
  • Full support for VST and AU plugins
  • No added “stock” plugins included
  • Flexible mixer routing
  • Pedal-free looping and performance
  • Community orientated developers
  • Requires macOS Yosemite (10.10) or higher

If my review made you curious to know more about this software sequencer then go to the official website and find even more details.

Link: ALK2

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