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RePro Freeware Alpha Version Released by U-He

RePro-1 - Freeware Alpha

U-he has released a few days ago RePro Alpha, a monophonic emulation of the famous sequential circuits’ pro one synthesizer. This freeware product is still in “alpha mode” but delivers according to u-he a sound quality of the finished product. So what does it mean that it is still in alpha (a stage even before beta testing.)

Well, U-he want to know how to accurately reproduce the filter modeling amongst other things so they release so-called “researchware” programs like their other “researchware”, the Protoverb. This is a great way to get the community to help out with their endeavors and produce a better end program, we get free stuff and they get their all-important information win-win.

Urs spoke on the difficulties of getting a true emulation of the Pro one probably more so than the mini-moog partly because of the 12-octave modulation rate. So, this is why they are also looking into other synths that have the same OSC module as the RePro-1 to get the most accurate representation and emulation of the original and we get to help with that too. Yay, but probably most yay is that it’s FREE!

The final version will be jazzed up with some extra features and it will be released for Windows and MAC OS in AAX/AU/VST formats, with highly optimized filters by the end of 2016.

More Details: RePro-1 Alpha

Repro-1 Available Now!

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