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REPEATER Dual-Delay Plugin Released by D16 Group


D16 Group presents Repeater, a new dual-delay plugin effect created in cooperation with Slate Digital featuring 23 unique, authentically modeled delay units, from classic oil cans and disk devices to famous vintage digital designs.

D16 Group REPEATER Dual-Delay Plugin

Repeater uses two independent delay signal paths for spectacular echo effects. In addition to filters, an audio clipper, and a phase reversal, there is also a dry / wet parameter and a channel re-panning per channel. Ping-Pong mode, feedback loops, and internal 64-bit processing are also included.

“At first glance, Repeater appears to be your typical stereo delay effect processor with independent control of the processing path for the left and right channels. In actuality, it features independent re-panning and dry/wet mixing for each of two stereo channels, which makes it a very flexible double delay line effect.

You’ll be surprised and delighted by all the capabilities this approach can offer over the typical, fixed-panned one.”

D16 Group Repeater is available for both Windows and MAC hosted music apps, in AU / VST / AAX  (32bit or 64bit) plugin formats.

More Details / Buy Link: Repeater

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