Reloop Jockey 3 RMX Controller Announced

Reloop RMX Dj ControllerReloop Jockey 3 RMX Announced and ready to smash the competition. The new edition of the award-winning Jockey 3 ME: Jockey 3 Remix is close to be lunched. As the name already suggests, this controller aims at advanced Traktor PRO users who want to elevate their mix to the next level: Live sampling, remixing and spectacular effect manipulation.

Features of Reloop Jockey 3 RMX:

1. Track Deck Mode.
In this mode you have total control over all important deck features like playback, cue/loop or effect control. And with the new dedicated beat-jump buttons, you can jump to an appropriate beat faster than ever before.

2. Sample Mode
In Sample Mode (blue illumination), it is possible to access all of a sample deck’s important parameters without having to switch the deck. This way you can quickly record, load or trigger samples. In Sample Mode, samples can be scratched, filtered and modulated like any other track. Moreover, you will always have a lock on volume control thanks to the sample deck volume dial – no matter which deck you find yourself on.

3. Remix Mode
The Remix Mode (green illumination) is basically a playground for creative mixers and will give pleasure to all effect lovers. The Jockey 3 Remix is the first controller on the market that can combine powerful effect combos with the push of a button; allowing for easy and intuitive modulation via the jog-wheels, pitch faders or line faders. Dramatic build-ups in a track can now be realized in no time at all.

The independent Roll & Mash modes are accessed in the same way as these more advanced modes, and they can be used to either chop up a track or re-trigger it on-the-fly in an easy way – giving you more time to focus on the wider performance.

The Jockey 3 Remix: a new standard in DJ control

More details here.

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