Omnisphere 2 Sound Set

Audiority has released Relative Dimension, an exclusive sound set for Omnisphere 2 synth including 100 new presets perfect for Film, Dark Ambient, Underscore and Soundtrack productions.

A few weeks ago, Spectrasonics released the Omnisphere V2.1. This new version includes the Library Publishing feature that allow third-party sound designers to create sounds sets.

Relative Dimension is the first sound set published on the market and brings some nice dark pulses, hybrid soundscapes, drones and much more new sounds. In detail you get a total of 916MB including 30 Arp and 70 Textures sounds.

To can use Relative Dimension sound set you need to have Spectrasonics Omnisphere 2 version 2.1.0d or higher, will NOT WORK with Omisphere v1.

Relative Dimension is only available at Time+Space website for £25 / €30.

More Details: Relative Dimension

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