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Reelight Saturation Plugin Released by BeatSkillz

Reelight Saturation Plugin

Not long ago Softube released Tape. Now is the turn of those from Beatskillz who come up with Reelight, a new tape saturation plugin that emulates an authentic tape machine feel and vibe.

Why using a Tape saturation plugin?

The sound of the tape machine is always a guarantee of warmth and saturation in the production of music. But without destroying the sound.

Individual tracks of your song formally merge with each other. The so-called “glue” effect starts. Unfortunately, tape machines in hardware form are quite expensive!

That’s why many people rely on emulations of different manufacturers in software form. Now two new ones have been released: Beatskillz Reelight and Softube Tape.

Beatskillz relied on authenticity with the GUI of their Reelight tape saturation machine emulation, delivering a graphical copy of the original, similar to Softube Tape.

The effect plugin is equipped with two VU meters for the input and output signal and has a powerful tape and compression engine under the hood.

Rotating coils should give the impression of a running machine. In addition, a selector for the band speed (15 or 7.5 IPS – inches per second), one control for air and one for Hiss come to complete the image and the real functionality of a tape machine.

A dry/wet control determines the mix proportion between the original sound and processed sound material.

The Tape Noise / Hiss slider can also be used to add tape noise.

Let’s recap…

  • Tape Saturation and Compression Processor
  • ‘Drive’ the signal to tape
  • Add real tape noise/hiss
  • Adjust tape speed 15/7.5 IPS
  • Low cut – clears up a muddy low-end build up
  • Low boost – add a ‘thick bottom-end’
  • Air – boost high-end separation and clarity
  • Wet/Dry – blend between processed and dry signal

Price & Availability

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Beatskillz Reelight

The plug-in runs on Mac OSX 10.8.1 or later and Windows XP SP2 or higher than VST, AU and AAX in 32 or 64 bit.

Beatskillz Reelight is currently available at Plugin Boutique website at a special introductory price.

If you want to enrich your mix with an authentic tape sound character, Beatskillz Reelight offers some extremely realistic results!

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