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Reason 9.5 Update Support VST Plugin Format

Reason 9.5 VST Plugins Support

Propellerhead has updated their Reason 9 music production software by going further and offering support for VST plugin format.

Perhaps many did not expect this major change.

Users will have now, even more, possibilities in terms of virtual instruments or virtual audio effects.

Propellerhead have, for a long time their own plugin model, similar to Avid (Pro Tools). But with most developers launching more and more VST products, the company’s leadership has made a move to that – a decision which probably saved the future of this great software.

Now you can use all the plugins, best known as xFer’s Serum, iZotope’s Ozone, reFX’s Nexus and much more, directly in the Reason program.

Reason Serum VST

The combination of Reason’s unique mode of operation and VST support will be a major change and will surely find more and more followers.

VST plugins will be available in Reason 9.5 directly in the Reason rack (found in the new Plugin Rack Device), by simply drag the installed VST into the virtual rack. Users can now use both the VST plugins and combine them with Reason’s own devices or Rack Extensions.

Reason 9.5 also comes with some fixes and will be more stable, thanks to a system of protection that detects the crashes before they even take place.

The Reason version 9.5 is to be released at the end of May available free of charge for Reason 9 users. Until then you can assist as a beta tester if you want.

Find more details here: Reason 9.5

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