Reason 8.2 – New Update Announced by Propellerhead

Reason 8 Update

Propellerhead announced that they updated their Reason music software to Reason 8.2.

The Reason 8.2 update is free for Reason 8 owners and adds new, highly requested features to your music creation toolkit:

  • Improved patch navigation with Revert Browse
  • Lean, automatic installer, takes away manual updates
  • Extended Remote support for Redrum
  • More colors for tracks, channels and clips
  • Support for larger Rack Extensions
  • Numerous fixes and improvements

Reason 8 is one of the most popular and used music software among music producers. Reason offers an endless supply of instruments, effects and sound banks, all with a creative, inspiring work flow. Reason 8 is now faster, more fun, and easier to use than ever.

This new updated is free for those who already own Reason 8. If you have an older version this update is available for €129 or if you are a new customer and want to buy / install Reason 8 for the first time this it’s available for €369 at Propllerhead Shop.

More Details: Reason 8.2 Update

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