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Reason 13: Reason Studio’s Announces Free Update

Reason 13 Free Update New Synths, Better Sequencer Features

Reason 13 is almost here! It’s been nearly 3 years since Reason 12 dropped, and we’ve all been eagerly waiting and it’s coming with some pretty cool updates that fans have been waiting for.

For new music producers, Reason Studios has a bit of a history; it was once known as Propellerhead Reason (no ‘Studios’). What set it apart was its interface, which resembled real hardware, and the wealth of production tools it came with, including drum machines, synthesizers, and various samplers.

Today, the DAW is packed with different generative tools such as Chord and Melody generators and even more synths and it could be used as a plugin. What this means is you can use any DAW and use Reason as an instrument within said DAW to take advantage of its production tools and instruments.

But now we’re looking at Reason 13

Reason 13: What To ExpectWe’ve Been Waiting For Another Update

This update drops June 18, 2024 bringing forth the following features

  • A Better Browser: Offering a better tagging system allowing users to find sounds and tools faster
  • Better Sequencer: Split into two sections for improved navigation. Hopefully there is more than that and this is merely a tease feature.
  • New Instruments & Effects: Polytone Dual Layer Synthesizer and Ripley Space Delay
  • New Utility Tools: Sidechain, Gain, and Stereo options are designed to optimize production workflow and creativity.


Reason 13 Sequencer Update: Better For Overall Workflow

Reason has many editing features tucked away in the Tool Window, which you often open by accidentally hitting F8. Many users aren’t aware of this feature. Reason plans to do away with the tool window and integrate all those editing features directly into the sequencer.

This will make them more visible and easier to access. That’s right, the Tool Window is going into the trash, just like our beloved ReWire feature that many of us dearly miss.

New Reason 13 Synth: Polytone Dual Layer Synthesizer

Polytone is designed to emulate the warm, analog sounds of vintage hardware. It features two layers that can be stacked or morphed, offering dynamic and evolving sound capabilities. This synthesizer is perfect for musicians looking to recreate classic tones or explore new, layered soundscapes in their productions.


Ripley Space Delay: Believe It Or Not

Ripley Space Delay is a mix of delay and reverb effects combined with filtering, noise, and distortion options. It allows extensive modulation, and would be a great option for creating anything from clean echo taps to lo-fi and atmospheric sounds.

Based off the name you think it would be an emulation of the Roland Space Echo, I guess we’ll have to wait and see. Anyway, Ripley should be a fun fx unit to experiment with.


Reason 13 FAQ

1. Will Reason 13 Be A Free Update?

Reason 13 will be free for all who purchase Reason 12 from now until the release of Reason 13. Earlier adopters will need to follow the standard upgrading process by paying an upgrade fee.

2. Is The Reason Rack Plugin Being Update As well?

Yes, the entire Reason Suite is going through an update. This means the Reason Rack Plugin will be updated as well

3. What Are Rack Extensions?

Rack Extensions are processing effects, instruments, and utilities that only work within Reason’s environment. However, you have access to them within other DAWs via The Reason Rack Extension Plugin.

4. What’s Reason’s Drum Machine Samplers?

ReDrum, Kong, Rytmik and a lot of Reason’s samplers and player devices can serve as drum sequencers or be used to program drum work. Like the NNXT, NN19, etc.



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