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Reason 12 DAW Comes On September 1st

Reason 12 DAW Release Date

Reason Studios has surprisingly announced Reason 12 DAW. The new Reason 12 version of the software should appear on September 1st. Among other improvements, Reason 12 will offer a high-resolution interface, a new sampler, and a completely redesigned Combinator.

Reason Studios announced in a blog post that Reason 12 will be released on September 1st, 2021. About two years after the publication of Reason 11, the DAW software receives another major update, which is primarily intended to improve the appearance of the software and the workflow.

According to Reason Studios, the focus of the development was on improving the “rack experience”. To make working with the rack even more pleasant, the software’s user interface is now available in high resolution. This means that you can now zoom in as you like to adapt Reason to your requirements. All rack extensions from third-party providers should also be high-resolution-compatible and that right on the day of publication. Not bad!

In addition, Reason 12 will include a completely new sampler that goes well beyond the previous sampling capabilities of the software. The new sampler should be suitable for playing sounds from sample libraries as well as for spontaneous sampling and offer many new possibilities for working with samples.

The Combinator has also been completely redesigned so that you can get the most out of the new rack and the new possibilities. According to Reason Studios, many user requests have been incorporated into the development, including more CV inputs and controls, easier programming, and more patches. The new combinator should be fully customizable so that you can practically build your own devices. This includes, for example, changeable panel sizes, definable macro-control elements, and the option of integrating your own graphics.

Of course, the software will also come with new sound packs that make use of the new possibilities. The weekly Reason + Packs should also use the new features.

According to Reason Studios, Reason 12 will be released on September 1, 2021. Those who have subscribed to Reason + will of course receive the new version as soon as it is published. The cost for the new customers will be $290 (unofficial price). The update will be free for any Reason 11 users.

What do you think about the new Reason 12? Could it make you change your current DAW?

Update! Reason 12 is now available in our store for direct download.

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