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Reaper 5.0 Music Production Software by Cockos

Reaper 5.0 Music Production Software

Cockos releases Reaper 5.0, a new version of their music production software that comes with many “under the hood” optimizations and new improvements.

Changes in Reaper 5.0:

  • FX: VST3 support, sample-accurate automation for VST3 and JSFX, FX browser improvements
  • Massive improvements to video support, including real-time programmable track and item effect processing
  • Control grouping: Flexible, automatable VCA control. Link groups of track controls together at any point in the signal flow
  • ReaScript: API and scripting improvements, including a built-in development environment for creating and debugging scripts in LUA, EEL, or Python. Create anything from simple macros, to complex new functionality
  • Performance: updated default worker thread scheduling logic for lower CPU use, disabled anticipative FX processing on tracks with open MIDI editors, by default. Automatically disable anticipative FX in routed-to tracks for open MIDI editors.
  • FX parameter automation: Full automation and MIDI/OSC learn support for per-take FX, improved FX envelope and modulation management via the Project Bay, increased automation recording speed
  • New GUI layouts, Media Explorer improvements, metronome beat patterns, Opus support, MIDI note-off editing, new volume envelope modes, new actions and API functions, and many other fixes and improvements.
  • Extra fancy new theme, many layout choices for different uses (small, large, meters, live recording, media, item), better track panel and item tinting appearance
  • and much more…

Reaper music production software by Cockos is available for Windows and MAC OS X priced at $60 (discounted license) or $225 for commercial license. Also if you want to try this DAW, a fully functional 60-day evaluation version is available on the official website.

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