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Organic Loops has released Real Strings Vol 6 – Broken Chords, a library of violins loops and samples, performing the distinctive texture of rolling arpeggios. These loops will give character and movement to all styles of music.

There are 94 chord patterns, recorded across 4 bars, at 100 and 120 bpm. The loops cover major, minor and open 5th chords, and unusual patterns like augmented, diminished and sus chords. The pack also includes sustained notes with rising and falling dynamics.

Expect to find over 600MB of 24Bit loops recorded at 100 and 120 beats per minute. All loops are supplied as 5 bar files, to include the tail. The Kontakt 5 instrument is also included in this download as are the scores in MIDI, PDF and Sibelus format for those who want to dig even deeper.

In Detail expect to find 980MB of content including 214 Arpeggiated Loops, 1 Kontakt 5 Scripted Instrument Preset and 214 Rex2 Files. Apple loop version with the Kontakt 5 instrument also available to purchase separately.

Real Strings Vol 6 – Broken Chords is available at for £29,95.

More Details/Audio Demos: Real Strings Vol 6 – Broken Chords

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