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RE-1 iPad Virtual Tape Machine by Numerical Audio

RE-1 iOS iPad Tape Machine App

Numerical Audio introduces RE-1, a virtual tape machine mobile app simulating the classics such as the Roland Space Echo or Watkins CopiCat. RE-1 is available for the iPad and can be used for different scenarios.

The iOS App RE-1 is a virtual tape machine designed to be equally suited to vintage echo and looper effects.

The user has access to three virtual audio heads, variable delay time and feedback.

As usual for a tape machine, the parameters Wow, Flutter, Color, Tape Hiss and Saturation are available for customization.

In tape loop mode, overdubs, tape reverse and time-stretching can be implemented, allowing for exciting loops.

An integrated sample / loop library allows you to load your own Wav files.

The visualization of the tape machine is done in real time and should support the interactive user interface.

Filters, transport control, sync options and an EQ at the end of the signal chain complete the features.

Numerical Audio’s RE-1 Virtual Tape Machine app will be available in the Appstore for $ 4.99 until the first of September.

After that, the price rises and regular $ 9.99. Studio interfaces AUv3, InterApp audio, Audiobus and Ableton Link are supported.

More Details: RE-1

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